Political Rants Can Hurt

Sometimes you can sit and listen to hate for only so long. I’ve been chewing on the following for some time. But when I read that Ellen Barkin (I don’t even know who she is—but she’s apparently an actress) tweeted that she wanted Hurricane Isaac to “wash every pro-life, anti-education, anti-woman, xenophobic, gay-bashing, racist SOB right into the ocean! #RNC” I decided to write it. If you’re full of hate, you might not want to read any further…or do, and hate more…your choice.

Every time political season rolls around folks are quick to start hollering how “nasty” the current politicians are and how it’s the worst they can remember (of course, a handful of them weren’t even old enough to vote in the last election)…truth is, they’ve been nasty for 200 years, but don’t take my word for it, go check yourself.

BJ and I made the decision after the 2000 election to shut off the cable. There were other considerations, but among them was the constant barrage of negativity from the television…it was just depressing.

I’ve always been conservative and would rather secede from the US than worry about what people on the opposite side of the continent want to do with their own lives. Whatever that is, I say more power to them so long as they don’t try to tell me what to do. Additionally, as a creative individual and now a university instructor, I’ve always worked around folks who are fairly liberal. It was never really a problem as when (if ever) the discussions came up, they were always very civil and often very enlightening.

I don’t know if it’s that I’m currently in cubicle-land, a situation which I’ve never been in before and where almost nothing said is private, but it isn’t the politicians that bother me so much now (remember, I don’t have cable so I don’t really see/hear them that much now), it’s just people. It can’t just be that (meaning, cubicle-land), though, as it seems like Facebook and all the other social media give that “anonymity” feeling and people just seem to freely speak their minds regardless of who’s “listening” and who it might hurt. I mean, when I hear the people next to me say things like “those Christian conservative >bleeps< need to all just die” or when the same sorts of things are said by people who I would generally call “friend” on Facebook, I realize the way they feel about ME!

I had a friend once (notice the use of “once”) who used to trash southerners, conservatives, and Christians until one day I said, “so tell me how you really feel about me.” To which he responded that it wasn’t “me,” because I was cool, but it was all the OTHER southerners, conservatives and Christians. But I believed pretty much the same way all those other southern, conservative, Christians did that he spouted such hatred for that it just got to hurt my heart too much to take.

And before you think I’m all one sided, I’m not. I know there are also very hateful conservatives out there…I’m just lucky enough not to be friends with any of the real hateful ones and so I don’t hear it. And it isn’t that I don’t think people should voice an opinion, just do so with consideration of who (meaning people you probably “like”) may also hear that opinion.

So…I’ll just be glad to get the election over so that I can go back to only being hated for being southern and Christian…


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18 responses to “Political Rants Can Hurt

  1. Fabio P.Barbieri

    If a bit of well-deserved bi***iness can cheer you up a bit, I will say that Ellen Barkin, whom you say you don’t know, is a former minor star, whose smouldering sexy allure got her a certain amount of starring parts some ten to twenty years ago. She certainly is no longer as important as she was, and anyone who wished to be mean might suggest that her anger has something to do with the passing of her time.

  2. Clayton

    Well said…I’m so tired of the negativity too….We live in such a fallen world today that it makes me sad to know that God must be so disappointed in us and our lack of becoming more like His Son, Jesus. There will never be any man or woman who will “fix” our government or problems but there are still some good people in this world who have good moral and ethical values to pass on to the future generations. II Chronicles 7:14 is our answer in America….prayer. Thanks Roland for being the kind of person I can depend on for being willing to stand in the gap….love ya, brother and miss you terribly. I’m with you! (even though you are a conservative southern Christian…lol)

  3. Dot

    You are right, Roland. It’s not one person or political party that will ruin America. It’s the hate.

  4. Unhooking the cable might be the thing to do. I wonder if taking away much of their audience would have a humbling effect on TV Media? It’s almost funny to watch some of those newsmen look at their notes and struggle to come up with a negative line of criticism about the republicans.

  5. Nice post. I always say that being a fanatic on EITHER side is a bad thing. (Being a fanatic in ANYTHING is probably not healthy.) It breeds closed-mindedness. There’s a ton of hate from both sides, and it’s really depressing. I’ve gotten a lot of use out of the “unsubscribe” feature on facebook, because I don’t enjoy my news feed being filled with political propaganda. Jokes and satire is one thing; hate is completely different.

  6. Yes – Thank you. The depressing thing is, Journalism – BY DEFINITION – should NOT be polarizing Americans the way it does. People spend all day watching TV commentators spewing opinions devoid of facts for ratings in a target demographic. If anyone SHOULDN’T be fooled by the fantasy of television news, it should be those of us in the entertainment industry.

  7. patlaster

    Hate will be with us always. But so will love.

  8. Bruce Costa

    Great last line, Roland. Thanks for the smile this morning!

    I find the National Conventions absolutely unendurable. The only problem is that they remind me of the line, “Ours is the worst political system in the world…except for all the others.”

  9. Sue

    There is always an amicable resolution, something that will appease to BOTH sides. But we are so caught up on being on the winning side that we never consider what it means to have so many people lose. We create a division amongst each other in every aspect of our lives. Religion, culture, sexual orientation, married, single, republican, and democrat the list goes on and on. When it’s all said and done we are no longer people, we are just smaller categorized versions of what could be a peaceful and unified world. Perhaps one day in the future when we stop separating ourselves from one another we will finally realize how similar we really are. It’s all about divide and conquer, the more you keep the people fighting against each other the less they notice how you are hurting both sides.

  10. I, too, have cancelled my cable. I’m also afraid to check out the stories on the internet, because even if the story is about saving a whiale, somebody turns it into a political arena, usually crude and uncivilized. As someone else, said, even though you are….Because I’m probably your opposite! I’ve always considered myself liberal, but lately, I’m not sure any more. It seems that there are too many extremes. Is there a ‘neutral’ that I can sign up for? sigh. Wake me when it’s over.

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