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Facebook, Michael Jackson style

(with apologies to Michael Jackson. Please read to the tune of Thriller)

It’s close to midnight and something silly’s lurking on your screen

Next to your laptop, you wonder why you’re not asleep in bed

You almost scream but terror is your spouse rudely awakened

You ctrl/alt/delete as farmtown looks you right between the eyes

You’re paralyzed

You hear the door slam, and cast a wary eye up at the clock

You feel the cold hand, and think that she’s about to change the lock

You close your eyes and hope that she won’t even hear you breathing, dude.

But all the while, you hear her creeping up behind

You’re out of time

They’re out friend you, you haven’t seen that dude in 20 years

They will harass you, unless you learn how to click the ‘ignore’

Now is the time, to flip the pages of your high school yearbook, yeah

All through the night, I’ll save you from the endless search for friends

I’ll make you see

Cause this is facebook, facebook time

And no one’s gonna save you from the typos in your posts

You know it’s facebook, facebook time

You’re fighting sleep tonight writing a silly, stupid rhyme

Darkness falls across the land

The midnight hour is long past, man

Quizzes come from everyone

To label you the king of fun

Cause this is facebook, facebook time

You’ll get right in the bed after you take just one more quiz

Facebook, facebook time

You’d take a drink of coke but it has lost all of its fizz

The simplest games keep you transfixed

The odd way you get your kicks

And comments come from all friends

It’s not a way to make amends

And though you swear to go to bed

Your body moves not one bit

For no mere person can resist

The addiction of the facebook

Yes this is facebook, facebook time

Cause it’ll suck you in more than Myspace could ever try

Facebook, facebook time

So accept my friend request and be my

Facebook, farmtown, mobwars, buddy here tonight.



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