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Bully Nation

Any time talk of secession comes up, many Americans are inclined to think back to that nasty period in our history: The War of Between the States (more commonly referred to by the uninitiated as The Civil War…which it was not—and I don’t just mean in a “ha-ha nothing civil about it” way, but BY DEFITION a “civil war” is when two powers fight over the control of one government. The American “Civil War” was nothing remotely like that. Calling it “civil war” was a calculated political move by Lincoln—a smart one, but a political move nonetheless) and automatically assume any talks of secession means war between north and south.

Even many Southerners today are quick to lambast the idea. I don’t know if this comes as a result of being whipped into submission once already, a fear of being perceived a racist, a fear of the federal government, a lack of knowledge or some combination thereof.

You want to know my theory?

Why thank you for asking…

I think it comes because of many American’s inherited ideals of the White Man’s Burden…or, if we modernize that: the need to control everyone else. Having taught ESL for several years and being friends with many of my former students, I see them post on various social media, and (when I can read them) they have no great love for the US—regardless of who is in the White House (I’m sorry all you Obamaites—the “world” doesn’t really like him that much better than the last guy despite what you’ve been told). And so that makes you wonder, what exactly is it that so many of them don’t like? To the poor of the world, the US is still the land of opportunity—well, it still represents that, even if it isn’t true. The truth is, they don’t like that we “police” the world.

And I don’t blame them. As much as I don’t want Iran to have nukes, why is it up to the United States to tell them they can’t? If Russia told us we couldn’t have something, we’d flip them the middle finger pretty quick because…well, we’re the US and that’s what we do. So why do we get to tell Iran what they can and can’t have?

Because we’re the bully nation.

Even with the current depressed state of the military, we have the world’s foremost military—hands down. He who holds the big stick makes the rules. So, we dictate to so many nations what they can and can’t do…not just because we can, but because we think we’re right.

And that brings us back to secession. As a nation we supported the breakup and secession of countries from Mother Russia; we supported the breakup of Yugoslavia; I imagine there are others of which I’m not aware. Why then, as a nation, do we refuse to allow “secession” to be part of the national discussion? It should be a very real part of the discussion. Secession doesn’t mean war. Russia still gets along fine with Ukraine and BeloRussia and Latvia. The US gets along just fine with Canada. There’s no reason to automatically assume that secession must be war, not at all.

Not long ago on Facebook, someone I don’t even know got violently mad about a secession comment I made. When I tried to get to the root of it, he basically said “because you can’t.” An old friend of mine, here on this blog some months ago could never answer the question “why do you care?” The truth is, they both think they know better than the people who talk secession…and therefore their will should be imposed on those with whom they disagree.

Just like a bully.


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April 15: Time for a Tea Party!

Today is tax day and my returns should have arrived with the governments (that would be Fed and State) by now, if just barely. But today is also “Tea Party Day,” a day chosen purposely for Americans to get together and voice their displeasure over the idiocy reigning in the current White House.

More on that in a minute.

It was a little harder for me to calculate my taxes this year because I had a decent little amount from my writing and editing work with Elfin/Campfire. I’d never been paid from a “foreign” publisher before and Turbo-tax kept sending me in circles because I knew how much I received, but I didn’t receive a form from them. After hours and hours, though, I finally figured it out. I will say, it was a nice problem to have.

But I’m anxious to see how this “Tea Party Day” will work out. I’ve said before that I don’t think the U.S. has anyone of the caliber of the Founders or even the Southern Secessionists alive today. If you really stop and think about it, both groups were really bucking the system, taking a huge chance, but doing it because they really believed in it. George Washington, T. Jefferson and crew had to be a little nutso to take on the biggest nation (at that time) in the world who also happened to have the biggest military. What were they thinking?

They were thinking they were fed up with unfair taxes, that’s what. They’d come to the “new world” to try to make a better life, same as most of us try to do today. Taxes got out of hand, among other things, so they held the Boston Tea Party (nobody got hurt), seceded from the British Empire and formed thirteen new states.

Happened again then, not quite 100 years later. Again, it was all about money. Southerners got tired of it, seceded (nobody got hurt) and formed a new union. U.S. President didn’t like that though (pride and pocketbook got hurt) so he sent his armies to force the Southern state to return.

Maybe it’s just that we’ve not reached that breaking point that happened both those times? But I’m less inclined to believe that than I am we simply have no leaders with guts…or courage to stand up to the injustices being done.

But wait! Hot off the presses is a release about the great state of Texas threatening secession! Governor Rick Perry of Texas encourages all states to return to the Founder’s idea of states rights and that the Federal Government has become oppressive.


I want to move to Texas!

Meanwhile…I’ll go have a Tea Party at my courthouse today…I encourage you to do the same…at least until our states find someone with the courage of Rick Perry!


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