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I don’t get it

Brittany, my daughter is 14 and is fully into everything “teenager.” All in all, she’s a good kid and I feel very blessed that she’s mine! I know she reads this sometimes so I have to be careful what I say anymore—ha. But there are some things that I have to chalk up to the age or “generation gap,” because I just don’t get it.

The first thing I don’t get is all the pseudo peace signs/gang signs. Why on earth does every single teenager in the world want to do that? It’s getting to be so you can’t see a picture of a teen anymore without the gang/peace sign. When my Japanese students did it, I just thought it was goofy…now that American teens are doing it, don’t they realize they’re only copying the Japanese? Is this just a part of the Manga invasion? It doesn’t look cool when it’s in EVERY SINGLE PICTURE ever taken.

On that, what’s up with the peace sign making a comeback? I never liked it to begin with even way back when when “I” was a pseudo-hippy (complete with music but w/out the mind-altering drugs). Don’t they realize that the origin of the peace sign is actually a broken cross…a cross which is representative of Christianity. Okay, admittedly “I” didn’t know that way back when either.

But back to pictures…what’s with the tongues, too? Seems to be an overwhelming number of pictures with tongues. Granted, there have always been pictures of folks sticking out their tongues, but those were generally relegated to the “mass cut-up” shot. Y’know, the one where someone threw themselves across the front of the group. Now it seems that especially the girls like to stick out their tongues…often. I have it on good authority that they think it’s “cute.” Really? Surely I haven’t been affected by my teaching of international students; some cultures consider it quite rude and vulgar for the tongue to be seen outside the mouth by someone else. I’m almost beginning to understand where they came from—their teenagers probably did it first!

And continuing with girls and pictures—okay, you’re wondering how I’m seeing so many pictures. I just have one word: Facebook. No telling how much disc space Facebook has devoted to pictures alone. But what is it with the puckered lips? My suspicion is that most of the girls who do that think they’re trying to be sexy…when really, they look like they’re just eaten a lemon. Not sure if age plays in here (them, not me)…but it just ain’t working and it all goes back to the “silly” look. So, maybe all the puckers are trying to be silly. I’m the first to admit that funny pictures are funny…but after the 100th one, not so much so anymore.


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