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Lebanon Mega Con report and FCBD

Me at my table!

Me at my table!

Last weekend I attended my very first ever comic show in the state of Missouri…and had a blast. Like many shows, the time went by way too fast. Regardless, if you’re in that area, I recommend you make plans now to attend the show next year.

This was the inaugural outing and they’re off to a good start. The dealer’s room was actually a good sized room with lots of variety for fans/geeks of all types. It was a two day show and started at 9 a.m. on Saturday morning. Foot traffic picked up—as is the norm for Saturday shows—around lunch time (folks have to roll out of bed after all).

Spectacular artist Jim Hall doing his thing!

Spectacular artist Jim Hall doing his thing!

One highlight was that fantastic artist Jim Hall was just beside me. Jim has done a bunch of comics, but I met him way back when he did some pencils for me on The Protectors! I spent considerable time chatting away with him!

Reunion with Chris Wilson at Lebanon Mega Con

Reunion with Chris Wilson at Lebanon Mega Con

Another highlight was getting to see an old pal Chris Wilson! Chris worked at Camelot with me at the MetroCenter Mall in Jackson, Mississippi way back when I was in college. He went on to make a lawyer and now serves the good folk in that area of Missouri! I was incredibly flattered to learn that Chris had somewhat followed my comic career. Had a great time catching up with him!

I also got to meet actor Felix Silla, who—among other roles, played Cousin It in the Addams Family. What a nice—and funny guy he is!

Me chatting with Jerry from Worst Comics Podcast Ever.

Me chatting with Jerry from Worst Comics Podcast Ever.

I would encourage artists in that area to reach out to Will Peden, who runs Lebanon Mega Con, and let him know of your interest in next year’s show. Will—and his staff—truly take care of their guests! (Thanks to Andi for shuttling me back and forth to the airport!)

The post show lunch crowd!

The post show lunch crowd!

Free Comic Book Day is tomorrow! Saturday, May 7! Get to your local comic shop (LCS) and grab you some free comics! You’ll find most shops will have one or two comic creators there to talk to you about comics, sign autographs, and general spread the comic gospel.

I will be appearing for the first time ever at Gods & Monsters in Orlando, Florida. They’re located in the Artegon Mall just off International drive. I’ll be there with my comic making pals Barry Gregory, Jenni Gregory, Thomas Florimonte and Rene Florimonte…as well as some others. Come out and grab some free comics and say hi to us!

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Lebanon MegaCon tomorrow…and a tease

GeekGatheringMeandZombieMikeI must confess that I’m incredibly excited to let y’all know that I’ve been invited to be a comic guest for the very first time in the state of Missouri, a state where I’ve got a bunch of family and friends way down in the Southeastern boothill! But, the Lebanon Mega Con is not in that part of the state, so the folks I know there will have to drive a ways if the intend to come. (Google maps tells me it’s about a four hour drive from the Piggott, Ark area)

No, the Lebanon Mega Con will be in Lebanon, Mo. If you’re like me, you had to google it. Lebanon is Northeast of Springfield…and I did know where that is! Lebanon finds itself about three hours from Kansas City, about two hours from St. Louis, about three and a half hours from Tulsa, and about three hours from Fayetteville, Ark—so I’m hoping to see a healthy sampling of Hawg fans!

I don’t know many of the other guests, but you may know some of them. You can find a link to the webpage here: and to the Facebook group here.

Some of the “walkers” from The Walking Dead television show will be there. Among them will be Mike Koske (see the picture) who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting before. Super nice guy (for a zombie!). Be sure to get an autograph from him.

Some of the other comic guests include my old pal Jim Hall! Also there will be Billy Martinez, Jeremy Haun, and Samuel Clarke Hawbaker! There will also be a wrestler or two and some cosplay folks there.

While I haven’t seen a final schedule yet, I’ll likely be on a couple of panels where we can talk about breaking into comics, doing comics and that sort of thing.

13059823_10208213325544724_525251584_nAs a way of a teaser, I want to drop this image here. It’s important to a new project I’m involved in…and it’s just so dang cool that I had to show you SOMEthing. More to come.

Anyway, Lebanon MegaCon starts tomorrow, so make your plans to attend! It’s great to see a show in central Missouri! Bring books for me to sign…or if you don’t have any (shame on you!), I’ll have some there for you to pick up. I’ll sign them on the spot! Autographs are free! I’ll see you there!

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Looking Ahead at 2016

Okay, I know this is about 14 days behind…but hopefully we’re all looking forward to a great year. I know I am, even if this post isn’t out the first week of January.

I’m still filling in the calendar for convention appearances this year, but so far I’m slated for these shows:

March 20th: Daytona Beach Comic Convention. This one day show is close to the beach, to the Daytona race track, and is on the campus at Embry Riddle. If you like comics, THIS is the show to attend. The last two shows I did here had more comic dealers than any of the “biggers” shows I attended all last year! I’ll be there, so come see me!

April 30-May 1: Lebanon MEGA Con. In Lebanon, Missouri, this is not only the debut of a new annual convention, but it’ll be my first ever appearance in the Show Me state! There’s also a bunch of wrestling guests slated to show up as well as comic artist Val Mayerik! So, for all my Missouri peeps, come out and see me! Lots of fun to be had.

May 26-29: MegaCon in Orlando, FL. This will be my sixth MegaCon, probably the show I’ve done more than any other single show except CoastCon in Biloxi, MS. The first time I did MegaCon was in 1998, then not again until 2012…and every year since. I notice their guest list isn’t updated, but I’ll be back in Artist Alley this year, hopefully beside my pals Barry and Jenny Gregory (maybe Thomas Florimonte?) and Wes Locher. It’s a four day show this year, so make your plans now!

Aug 5-7: WizardWorld Orlando. Yep. You read that right. WizardWorld is coming to Orlando this year…and I’m excited. You already know that I’ve done several Wizard shows and my thoughts on this extremely professionally run show! This is a great thing for Orlando. I expect this guest list to continue to grow—I mean, who doesn’t want to come to Orlando, right?

Nov 20: Clermont (FL) Comic Con. Not sure how long this one has been going, but I heard great things about the ’15 version of it, and so I’m very happy to have been added to the guest list for the ’16 show. All of you central Florida folks who want to avoid the mega shows should check out this one! I’ll see you there!

Creatively, there are a couple of projects that are moving forward that I’m pretty excited about. The first—and we’re planning for it to be available by MegaCon in May, is TINY, a re-telling of the Thumbelina fairy tale by me and newcomer artist Deonna Herrold. Check out some of her fantastic work here. Also, here’s a sneak peek at one of her pages. I’ll be posting more as we get closer. I gotta say this: it’s looking GREAT!

A second project that’s going to happen is one with my pal and artist extraordinaire, Dean Zachary. I’m sure most of you comic folks know who Dean is already—which is why I’m so excited to be working with him. No art for this one—that I can show you—just yet. But you’ll have to trust me on this one…WOW!

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