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Marathon Mann (or a Mann of extremes)

I seem to have become a man of extremes; at least the past couple of weeks and it appears for the next few weeks. Yes, I know I told you last time I wrote in this space that I’d talk about my upcoming experiences.

I lied.

Not intentionally, of course. I’ll make good on my word next time because I’ve got some cool things to talk about. One of them can’t wait, though. I’ll be appearing all day at MidSouthCon this coming Saturday. Bring stuff for me to sign, or pick them up while you’re there, but come out and see me. I’m scheduled for 4 events, but will be around the convention most of the day: 11 a.m. Playing in Other People’s Sandboxes: How to write and publish media tie-in novels; 1 p.m. Pro-Row: autograph sessions; 3 p.m. Marketing for Authors: How to get your name out there and get people reading your work; 5 p.m. Indie Comics: IDW, Dark Horse, Atlas, Dynamite, etc. Good products from smaller publishers.

Back to extremes…It really began last week when the kids were out of school for Spring Break (hint here as to why there was no blog last week!). First extreme: We spent 13 hours driving to Orlando. All three of us crammed in to the cab of my truck!

Next extreme: Brittany’s new bikini was extremely…valuable! I mean the threads must have been dipped in gold. It’s not that we spent an incredible amount of money on it, but that the prices per yard…nay, foot, is extremely high!

Next: We had an extremely fun and long day at Universal thanks to Phil Mitchem and our wonderful tour guide (and my work colleague) Jennie Jarvis. What was planned as a 9 hour day turned in to a 12 hour day thanks—in part—to a two hour wait in the Harry Potter ride line. It was supposed to have a picture here, but my extremely busy daughter extremely forgot to send it to me.

The next extreme was a beach day where the kids got to see the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. I didn’t realize when I took them that New Smyrna Beach is the shark bite capital of the East Coast. And no, no extreme pictures exist of the great white flesh!

Next: the 13 hour drive back to Oxpatch. ‘Nuff said.

Next: the Honey-do list waiting on me upon my return. I got extreme with the lawn, a copperhead (dead now, he is), and a flat tire on my riding mower—still flat unless BJ has extremely remedied the problem. Yeah, still flat.

Not quite so extreme, but close, the Sunday return to Orlando via jet plane cutting short an extremely short stay home.

Next extreme was the near 15 hours I spent in the office yesterday playing catch-up to last week (I still haven’t figured out how to grade papers while driving for 13 hours, but I will take any and all suggestions).

And…sigh…it looks to be like that again today.

And for the forthcoming extremes…well, you’ll have to wait an extremely shot 7 days for that!

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Merry Christmas (2008) and Happy New Year (2009)

Well, with the holidays on us, I haven’t had the time to write as much. I have had the chance to spend some treasured time with family. It always goes by so quickly, though.
Last year we had so much fun making our “Mann Christmas message,” that we decided to do it again.
I present it here now for your…entertainment enjoyment.
It may be entertaining, but the message is sincere! Hope your Christmas was Merry and your New Year is Happy!


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How time flies

Not long ago, I had a telephone conversation with Lou Bank, an old friend from back in my comic book heyday. Lou is a marketing guru and was in charge at Marvel during its heyday in the early 90s (another friend once said that Lou could sell refrigerators to Eskimos!). Lou and I caught up on a lot of personal and business things throughout the conversation, including the very cool fact that he is a promoter for Andrew Vachss, an author whose work I enjoy (though admittedly, I haven’t read anything of his in quite some time). That, and he was silly enough to ride a bicycle from down around New Orleans all the way up to Memphis…in the delta…in JUNE! Love’im…but he’s still a silly Yankee!

Reflecting back on the conversation, the realization hit me: it’d been at least ten years since I’ve seen Lou. Heck, it’s been more than ten years since Marvel Marvelcuted the whole Malibu division. That was in 1996. I began my work with Malibu/Marvel in 1992…that was 16 years ago. I’ve been married 18 years! E-gads!

I graduated from high school (uh-oh—age alert!) in 1983. I recently heard parents at my kids’ school talking the other day that their kids had an “80s day.” My first question—as should any sane person’s be—was WHY? 80s music was bad the first time around (though not as bad as disco). I think it’s good the 80s are in the past! Then it hit me: we used to have 50s day when I was in high school.

AIIIEEE. I’ve become my parents!

As absurd as it sounds, there’s truth to it. Many of my friends no longer have parents. They deserted them years ago. J No, I don’t mean to make light of it, but several of my friends are the “old” generation now…and that number is growing yearly. A few of my friends have already married off their own kids. I’ve yet to tell my kids that I walked to school everyday uphill in the snow…both ways, but I have told them things my parents told me:

Because “I” said so. I never liked it when my parents used it and I’d bet my kids don’t like it when I do. In truth, I try to give them legitimate and valid reasons, but sometimes “I said so” is all the reason I want to give!

Just wait until you have kids of your own. I can’t count the number of times I heard this one. ‘Nuff said.

Your face will get stuck that way.

Okay, so I haven’t told my kids that one yet…but I still find it funny.

Mom said recently that her birthdays quit bothering her…several of them back (Happy Birthday yesterday, Angie!). She said it was Angie’s birthdays and mine that really bother her now.

My how time flies.


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