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Has it really been a year?

Yesterday was December 7: Pearl Harbor Day! Yes, it has been exactly one year since I first started blogging. Wow…And didn’t I just write something about time flying? December 8 of last year was the first regular entry for my blog. I blogged sporadically and with no rhyme or reason that month, posting a total of 7 times with 366 visits. But in January, I started trying to get a regular schedule and posted 10 times with 580 visits.

In February I posted 10 times with 739 visits. February 28 remains my highest single day with 104 visits on that day. To this day, I still don’t understand exactly why? The subject for the day was my trials with fast food restaurants!

March saw a decline back to 539 visits, and I kinda expected that’s where it’d settle in for a while. I played with Mon/Thurs/Sat postings a few weeks, but was finding that the Saturday postings were very low. I guess no one reads much internet on the weekends. However, April jumped up to 810 visits when I settled in with the M/W/F schedule. May declined to 766, and June jumped back up to 878.

July (915) and August (914) were almost exactly alike, but September put me over the 1,000 mark with 1071. October went back down to 787, but November jumped up to 1008, sparked by my column about the Gays in California. That post holds the distinction of the one with the most views overall; 137. While it wasn’t intentional—I was just writing what I wanted to write—it proved something I’d heard at a conference recently. The speaker, talking about how to increase traffic to your blog, said if you really want to increase traffic, write about something controversial. Guess he was right.

To date, I’ve had a total of 9,629 views…so, almost 10,000 in the year that I’ve been blogging. I’m sure that doesn’t break any blog records, but I’m pretty pleased considering I really just started this to see what blogging was all about.

Sometimes it is a struggle to think of something to write about. Other days, I write two or three at a time. Yes, I can “save” them and then schedule them for later. I like that because if I’m going to be away, I can still write something and keep my schedule. And folks who’ve worked with me over the years know that I’m a bit of a schedule keeper.

If you’ve read this far down, I’m certainly open to suggestions about what you’d like to read. I’ve had a few requests to write more about writing, and I’m definitely trying to think in that direction as well. Someone said they wanted to see more of the old Silverline video footage! Ha. I think they just wanted to laugh at my long hair then.

Anyway, thanks to all of you who have subscribed (I’m using those numbers in support of trying to sell my novel!) and thanks to all of you who haven’t subscribed, but still pop by and read. It is much appreciated.



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Gays Gone Wild

I gotta admit I’m not 100% surprised at all the violence (not being covered much on National television, btw, but good links below) that’s suddenly coming from radical homosexual groups across the nation, a reaction to the democratic process which shows that most Americans disagree with their lifestyle choices. I am surprised, however, that those homosexuals who aren’t of the violent radical bent, aren’t coming out against the violence and are instead letting them speak for the entire group.

It should be no surprise that the violence is aimed at Christian and Mormon groups, probably those most vocally opposed to the homosexual lifestyle. The vote results that have angered the gays, however, show that it isn’t just the Christians and Mormons who disagree with their choices, but the majority of the population.

I’ve said before but it’s worth saying again, I don’t hate homosexuals nor does anyone who I know and associate with. I think gays have made wrong choices, but I think that folks who use drugs make wrong choices, too. I don’t think that a druggie should be allowed to marry his bongpipe though.

All kidding aside, I’ve known and worked with those of the homosexual persuasion for many years. The first one openly admitted, I met as a college sophomore. Homosexuals make up a larger portion in the creative industries than probably any industry…okay, except maybe hair dressers.

And yet, I find it incredibly ironic that those who yell and scream and say folks like me are intolerant and bigoted are acting…well, intolerant and bigoted. And, recently, very violent. Why is it that they suddenly have absolutely no respect for the democratic process of the United States? Why is it that they think they’re better than the rest of the folks and have the right to tell the majority what to do? The United States has this process in place for a reason, and that is to serve the people. The people voted, the people spoke. Now, a very teeny tiny portion of our population is out to prove those people wrong…and they’re doing it with violence. Yeah, that wins over a lot of people.

I’ve always been of the opinion that, sure, they’ve made a dumb choice, but it’s their choice to make. But when they start trying to change laws to gain special favor (such as the so-called hate laws), then I get agitated. Why is the violence they are now committing not considered hate violence? It should go both ways.

Oh. And before I forget, my Mom reminded me that I haven’t updated the McDonald’s Boycott status. Well, the boycott is off. McDonald’s has withdrawn their support of the homosexual agenda. Many will claim it is because of the downturn in the economy. That’s okay. Whatever the “real” reason, McDonald’s has regained their senses and the boycott is off. I had a BigMac today. J

NOW, links to homosexual violence videos so you’ll know I’m not just making this stuff up! Keep in mind, some of the videos have vulgar language.

Gays “invade” a church service (news report) http://www.onenewsnow.com/Church/Default.aspx?id=315400


Gays grab a cross from an elderly lady, throw it on the ground and stomp on it. Also, very loud and abusive intimidation of her. http://www.kpsplocal2.com/global/video/popup/pop_player.asp?vt1=v&clipFormat=undefined&clipId1=3115942&at1=News&h1=&playerVersion=1&hostPageUrl=http%3A//www.kpsplocal2.com/global/video/popup/pop_playerLaunch.asp%3Fvt1%3Dv%26clipFormat%3Dundefined%26clipId1%3D3115942%26at1%3DNews%26h1%3D&rnd=82928749

53 year old gay man assaults husband and wife (77 and 76) and punch the husband in the face because they had a sign supporting Proposition 8 in their yard—their own private property! http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/northcounty/20081103-2312-bn03batter.html

News report of assorted hatred from gays: http://worldnetdaily.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=80220

Gay militants target Christians: http://www.onenewsnow.com/Persecution/Default.aspx?id=324848

Vandalism before the vote: http://christiannewswire.com/news/758478309.html

Gays chase Christians (escorted by police) out of a gay neighborhood.

A little older. 11 Christians arrested for appearing at a gay parade. All of it caught on video!


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The Use of “pre”

I enjoy learning the way meanings and uses of words have changed over time. I knew it happened, but it wasn’t something I often thought about. The most obvious one that every American knows is “gay.” If you ever read old American (or even British works, I guess) works, you’ll see that gay means happy. I’m not totally sure how that word ever came to mean what it does now…and it’s even becoming an insult word now.

So while changes to words wasn’t something I was completely unaware of, I really became aware of the differences when teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) classes at UNA. Most international students come with a completely different understanding of how language should be used.

Anyway, the use of “pre” these days is really what got me thinking about all this.

Webster’s gives us several definitions of “pre,” but they all generally mean “before” or “prior” or something similar. This is the definition with which we’re all familiar and are comfortable. Pre-history means before recorded history; pre-game means before the game; preview means to view before you view?

But now it seems like advertisers and big marketers are trying to skew the term pre-fix.

Take for instance, the term pre-owned cars. Now, we all know that what the cars salesmen really mean are used cars. But used sounds…well, so used, and has negative connotations so they want to change that perception. But, pre-owned should mean “before owned” right? So…really, the term they’re tossing at us has a different meaning. “Before owned” should suggest that it hasn’t been owned before, right? Because before something is “owned,” it is not-owned. And that is the opposite of used.

But what they’ve done is take the “pre” and twisted it. Their “pre” is shortened for “previously.” Previously owned carries a far different meaning than pre-owned. Ah-ha! See, they’re trying to trick us with a play on words!

I also read something recently in one of the writing forums I’m on: “pre-published author.” Now, if you’re like me and are completely unfamiliar with the term, it could possibly have two completely opposite meanings! It’s not like the two meanings are similar and any guess would be close. A pre—meaning before—published author would be one that’s never been published before, while a pre—meaning previously—published author means one who’s had work published before. Two completely different meanings. How are we supposed to tell which is which?

There are many other examples of the discombobulation of the “pre” term, but that’s enough for you to see what I’m talking about. For me, it’s kinda like politicians: I wish they’d just say what they mean to say and stop trying to make it sound “nice.” Used is used. Unpublished is unpublished. We can all understand that!

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