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The college football season is over…bad?

Y’know, I love watching the bowl games every year. Like most football fans, it is one of my most anticipated few days of the year. But bowl season just seems to be changing each year…and I’m not sure it’s for the best.


It seems like we get more and more games each year. This year featured 32 bowl games. That’s 64 teams playing in a bowl. That’s more than half the Division I teams. So, in order to make it to a bowl game, a team has only to win half their games. 6-6 teams just shouldn’t be playing in bowls. Somehow it just seems to make the bowls less special.


I’ve also become a little disappointed with ESPN this year. They practically campaigned non-stop for Tim Tebow to win the Heisman. I’m not trying to take anything away from him—he’s a great player, but the gang at ESPN gushed all about him non-stop. Not only that, it seems the entire crew is so biased to USC it’s ridiculous. They started a “countdown” clock to the USC-ILL game. None of the other games were significant enough to receive a countdown clock. If anything, the countdown clock should have been for the “big” game, the championship game: LSU vs. Ohio St. Had it been up to ESPN, they’d have handed the championship trophy to USC before they’d even played their game.


Also, somebody up in the “director’s booth” should stay a little more on top of things. Did you notice that during the FSU-KY game, ESPN kept going close-up on one of the FSU coaches? I don’t know his name, not sure I’d write it here if I did. He was chewing on something—I think it was gum—but his mamma evidently forgot to tell him to chew with his mouth closed. Not only that, he kept sticking his tongue out of his mouth while he chewed. ESPN seemed to like that as they kept showing it. It was pretty nasty to watch.


The other thing that really bothered me this year was the Trojan commercials. Now, don’t mishear what I’m saying. I’m not opposed to the product, I’m opposed to running it during a “family” football game. It’s terrible to have to sit through a football game and keep covering up my 7 year old son’s eyes because of the stupid commercials. I’m willing to bet the networks (I don’t recall which network(s) the commercial was on—probably ESPN, but I’m not sure) could have found a more suitable advertiser willing to shuck out equal bucks with just a little effort.


It sure seems like it’s gonna come to a point, sometime in the future, where even college football will be rated MA (mature audiences) because of silly stuff like this.


Wonder if Trojan will run ads during the SuperBowl?


On a lighter note…I’ve been picking (no money involved, just bragging rights) the bowls for some years now with friends and family. We picked 25 of the bowls. I didn’t do so well this year…I went 13-12. My Dad took top honors at 19-6!

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