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April is a good month

April is a good month for the Mann family. Good, but always very busy. Seems like April is the month when so many things happen.

For instance, April 6 (which just so happens to be today), is the date on which my daughter Brittany was born. Yes, can you believe it? She is 14 years old today. She’s already talking about getting her driver’s license! It also happens to be the date on which my mother was born, albeit several years before Brittany. And it also happens to be the date on which my grandfather Bill Mann was born, in 1919. When Grandpa was alive, we had a few years in which we celebrated all three birthdays! And although Grandpa isn’t with us anymore, his twin sister is still living in St. Francis, Arkansas!

For as long as I can remember, Dad has always had a good time with the fact that he married an older woman. You see, Dad’s birthday is 4 days later…April 10.

I once teased Brittany and told her that I’d always be able to remember her birthday if I couldn’t remember anything else. The American Civil War battle of Shiloh, Tenn., took place on April 6 and 7 in 1862. Brittany even celebrated her 7th birthday on the grounds of Shiloh when she went with me to participate in a reenactment.

April is also Confederate Heritage Month in many Southern states. Admittedly, it’s becoming fewer and fewer as more Southern Governors turn coward and give in to political correctness. Why April? April is the month during which the war began…and ended.


Confederate Memorial Day also happens in April…mostly. Unfortunately, the Southern states can’t all get together to agree on this date. For instance, it was January 19 in Texas this year. In the Carolinas, it’s May 10 (but will be observed on May 11)…and then in Geo., Miss., Ala., and Fla., Confederate Memorial Day is April 27. An interesting tidbit about this finds that the Federal Memorial Day began after many in the North discovered Southerners honoring Southern dead after the war. As is often the case, the Feds took the date and turned it into Memorial Day, causing the Southerners to switch to a different date. Initially, Memorial Day was only for Union dead…that changed after WW1. If you’re a Southerner, you should mark this date down on your calendar and remember the Southern dead who generally do not get remembered any other time…unless they’re being portrayed as the villains. They are no more villains than the current US Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Last, but not least, April is the month in which I was married. Yep, April 28 of 1990 (for those of you ticking away on your fingers, this makes 19 years!) is the day I tied the knot with BJ. Of course, for those who knew me before then, you’ll remember we dated for SEVEN (yes, 7!) years before we got married. There were quite a few, I think, who wondered if it would ever happen.

So, Happy Birthday Brittany, Mom and Aunt Juanita! May you have many, many more!


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