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Count the cards!

Mom and Dad recently visited for a few days and one of the things we enjoy doing is playing cards. I don’t know how it all got started, but we’ve played cards every since BJ and I were even just dating. And for the record, we play pinochle, guys against gals. (Also for the record, the guys always win)

I know you were probably expecting me to talk about playing poker, what with the poker playing craze that seems to be sweeping the nation. Actually—believe it or not—I didn’t learn to play poker until about 8 years ago…and I learned to play in a crowded tent at a Civil War Reenactment. We’re talking a small sleeping tent, not a big commander style. It was raining and we used candles for light and goober peas for “money.”

But I digress.

During the course of our pinochle playing recently, the concept of “counting cards” came up. None of us can do it, of course, but the topic came up anyway…and no, I don’t remember why. Okay, so I’m finally getting to the point…

I’m not a gambler, never have been—okay, actually that isn’t 100% true. Once, while we lived in California, BJ and I took a weekend trip to Los Vegas. Seems everyone did it every now and again, so we did. We decided we’d take $250 to “gamble” with just to see what the big deal was. We both agreed that once it was gone, it was gone. We went to the Blackjack tables and lost $120 in the span of about 20 minutes. I decided that was no fun at all. So we found this cool giant arcade and spent the rest of our money there and had a fun time.

Anyway, I do know that it is considered illegal to “count cards” when gambling for money. For the life of me, however, I can’t figure out why that’s considered a no-no. I’ve played cards many years and I can’t figure out how someone can keep up with it all. We teach skills in other competitive activities, why then, should someone who has the mental capacity to keep track of how many 2s and Jacks have been played be punished? Someone who can track or keep up with that should be rewarded, I’d think. I don’t mean two people trying to cheat, but if someone can keep up with what has been played, or count, then I think they deserve to win and the casino or gambling establishment should pay up.

Just my opinion of course…not that the casinos care what I think!



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