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Has it really been a year?

Yesterday was December 7: Pearl Harbor Day! Yes, it has been exactly one year since I first started blogging. Wow…And didn’t I just write something about time flying? December 8 of last year was the first regular entry for my blog. I blogged sporadically and with no rhyme or reason that month, posting a total of 7 times with 366 visits. But in January, I started trying to get a regular schedule and posted 10 times with 580 visits.

In February I posted 10 times with 739 visits. February 28 remains my highest single day with 104 visits on that day. To this day, I still don’t understand exactly why? The subject for the day was my trials with fast food restaurants!

March saw a decline back to 539 visits, and I kinda expected that’s where it’d settle in for a while. I played with Mon/Thurs/Sat postings a few weeks, but was finding that the Saturday postings were very low. I guess no one reads much internet on the weekends. However, April jumped up to 810 visits when I settled in with the M/W/F schedule. May declined to 766, and June jumped back up to 878.

July (915) and August (914) were almost exactly alike, but September put me over the 1,000 mark with 1071. October went back down to 787, but November jumped up to 1008, sparked by my column about the Gays in California. That post holds the distinction of the one with the most views overall; 137. While it wasn’t intentional—I was just writing what I wanted to write—it proved something I’d heard at a conference recently. The speaker, talking about how to increase traffic to your blog, said if you really want to increase traffic, write about something controversial. Guess he was right.

To date, I’ve had a total of 9,629 views…so, almost 10,000 in the year that I’ve been blogging. I’m sure that doesn’t break any blog records, but I’m pretty pleased considering I really just started this to see what blogging was all about.

Sometimes it is a struggle to think of something to write about. Other days, I write two or three at a time. Yes, I can “save” them and then schedule them for later. I like that because if I’m going to be away, I can still write something and keep my schedule. And folks who’ve worked with me over the years know that I’m a bit of a schedule keeper.

If you’ve read this far down, I’m certainly open to suggestions about what you’d like to read. I’ve had a few requests to write more about writing, and I’m definitely trying to think in that direction as well. Someone said they wanted to see more of the old Silverline video footage! Ha. I think they just wanted to laugh at my long hair then.

Anyway, thanks to all of you who have subscribed (I’m using those numbers in support of trying to sell my novel!) and thanks to all of you who haven’t subscribed, but still pop by and read. It is much appreciated.


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My 100th Blog post

Yes, this is really and truly my Blog Post #100. And yes, it’s hard for me to believe that I’ve written so many already. I’m not sure how many it takes to be considered a “blogger,” or how many it takes to not be new anymore. After all, I haven’t even been doing this a year yet.

My first post came on Nov. 16 of last year (2007) and then my second didn’t come until a few weeks into December –actually, after The Best Christmas Pageant Ever play in which Brittany had the lead role and I wanted to talk about it. Since then, I’ve posted pretty regular. I toyed with dates and frequency early on, trying to find a good schedule and pace for me while trying not to overload anyone who might be interested in reading.

Someone recently asked me (hey Dave!) what the “purpose” of my blog is…and I really didn’t have a good answer. That’s not to say that I haven’t considered it, I have…I just don’t have a clear picture yet. I’ve looked around at blogs by other writers, trying to sorta feel it out. The writer part of me says it’s to keep my writing muscles actively moving, FORCE myself to write something. The marketer part of me says it’s to promote my work, increase visibility, etc. etc. Many agent and editorial blogs say writers need a “platform.” Think I’m still looking for that. The family/friend guy part of me says the blog is to keep family and friends posted on the family’s doings.

I think it must be some combination of it all, and I imagine it will change and morph the longer I do it.

Since this is the 100th, I think I need to talk about some of the stats. I talked about them in May, but—as I said then—I like looking at the numbers and trying to GUESS (because that’s all I can do) at what they might mean. In Jan, I had 580 visits; Feb., 739; March, 539; April, 810; May, 766; June, 878; July, 915; Aug(to date), 780. A grand total since I began is 6,374, with an average of about 25 per day, but for the last 3 months is 30 per day. My single best day is still Feb. 28 with 104 visits. I still don’t know why.

I do know that Sunday is typically the lowest day for visitors, but there is no “high” day.

It probably comes as no surprise that the “Who’s Ramblin'” and “Bibliography” pages are the top two visit-getters. I think what happens is people find their way to my blog somehow, read the blog they’ve found, then view those pages to see who I am and what I’ve done…and don’t necessarily view any of the other blog-posts. But that’s just a guess.

Not all of my blogs get comments, but the blog with the most comments was on April 28, with 8 comments. 4.28 also happens to be my anniversary.

If I continue to do 3 per week every week, I’ll end up with 156 in a year.

If you have any thoughts on things you’d like to see me ramble more about…let me know. Otherwise, I’ll just continue to ramble on.

OH! Thanks for reading!


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