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Batman v. Superman

So, for those of you living under a rock or in a cave and who might not be aware, Batman v. Superman opened in theaters today.

My Facebook feed, however, has been full of pre-screening reviews and yes, pre-viewing reviews. Many of those have come from people who haven’t even seen the movie yet!

You ask how someone can “review” the movie without having seen it? Yeah, I ask that same question. Yet, it doesn’t stop the hordes of people/fans from claiming that it is better than either of the Avengers movies or worse than any version of Batman that exists to date. Extremes on both sides.

Quite frankly, comic fans are passionate about their heroes. And it isn’t just the comic fans. I’ve seen a smattering of comic pros weighing in without having seen the film.

My take?

Well gee, thanks for asking.

First let me tell you that I’m not anticipating liking the movie that much. I tend to like my heroes to be heroic and the DC based films—in general—have taken a darker tone that just isn’t to my liking. I’m good with darker tones for Batman because…well…he’s Batman! But I don’t like those darker tones for Superman. These guys should be—in my mind—almost complete opposites.

So, I’m just not anticipating this to be in my top 10 superhero movies.

But I’m going to go see the movie with my family on Sunday.

Why, you ask, would I go see the movie if I’m not anticipating to like it that much?

Because…it’s a superhero movie. It’s “my” industry. I’ve heard some grumblings about “superhero fatigue” as regards to the films, but I’m one who is glad that we’re seeing mostly good treatments of characters I like. I like that we’re going to have three big budget superhero movies this summer that are rated PG-13 and I can go to with my family. So while I’m not a fan of the darker DC, I know that SOME are. And so I want to see it do well so that we’ll continue to get superhero movies—some dark, some not.

Plus, it’s Batman VERSUS Superman. What superhero fan wouldn’t pay JUST to see those two duke it and to see what possible explanation they could come up with that allows Batman to SURVIVE being hit by Superman?

How about you? Will you see it?


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