Buying Time

Buying Time is my first novel. I began writing it just to prove I could. I’d written so many comics–which are all very short–that the length of a novel intimidated me a little. But I did it. It’s different from the material that I’ve written since–all involved with superheroes one way or another. Buying Time has a touch of science-fiction…but just a touch.

Buying Time

There are no do-overs in life…or are there? Cover to BUYING TIMEIf you had a chance to re-do part of your life, would you? Even if it meant dying earlier?

That’s the decision Tom Morgan and Larry Pace must make when they are approached by a time traveling time salesman. Complete opposites, both men are drawn to the idea for the same reason: to save someone’s life. But is that even possible? Can the past be changed? Should the past be changed? Add to that the problem that it’s very addictive, like a dangerous drug. Each trip back in time shortens life.

Buying Time is available at:

Davis-Kidd Booksellers in Memphis, TN

Promises and Praise in Oxford, MS (662-281-0023) and Batesville, MS (662-561-0022)

Hemingway-Pfeiffer Museum Store in Piggott, AR (870-598-3487)

Java Ink in Pearl, MS.  420 Roberts Street Pearl, MS, 39208 601-397-6292

Bay Books 131 Main Street Ste B  Bay Saint Louis, MS 39520  228-463-2688

or online from the publisher by clicking the link below

Thank you!


9 responses to “Buying Time

  1. Yahoo! Way to go, Ro- Congratulations on getting your first book published. Now the real work begins – marketing it – Mwwwaaaahhhh!

  2. becky Blythe Knowles

    Awesome Book!

  3. how awesome, Roland. Congratulations on your book. I’ll post teh link on my FB profile.

  4. Sounds like a great book Roland! Very interesting take on it–a time traveling time salesman! Cool!

  5. Caren Briscoe

    Finally got to read it after first seeing it at a New Albany tennis match last spring. I wasn’t sure what it was going to be all about (just going to read it because you wrote it…) Really enjoyed it! Thanks for a book I’ll suggest to others. Best wishes and a great continued writing career!!

  6. Who’s Buying Time published by?

  7. Terri Davis

    Just read Buying Time and really enjoyed it! Great book! Now looking for Hat Speech (promo’d in back of Buying Time, but can’t find it. Was it published under a different title? Would sure like to read it.

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