BEAH…pronounced “BEY-UH”


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Beah is a project that has been with me for a bit now. It began in the late 90s (around ’97) as a spoof. I wrote a script and John Drury did artwork for half of the first issue. I even took ashcan copies around to several cons in ’97 and ’98, promoting the upcoming release.

Then, John got married. And I never heard from him again.

Then, around 2005, I rewrote and revamped the thing and began looking for another artist. I completed scripts for the second and third installments and then came across Steve Wilhite, a very talented artist I’d worked with in the past. He expressed interest, but didn’t want a longterm commitment.

So I dove back in and wrote a script for a “#0” and sent it off to him. He did roughs for about the first half dozen pages…then lost interest. I guess…he basically dropped off the face of the earth, too.

Over time, it became–to me–a very desirable project to have done. What started as a spoof, quickly (okay, not so quickly) became a story of its own. Kinda like Cerebus. 🙂

After moving to Oxford, I flirted with one artist…then another.

Finally, in late 2012, I stumbled across an artist online…we began to swap emails talking about comics and faith and the fact that both of us worked for Caliber at one point in time…and now I feel very certain that it’s going to happen. Tim Holtrop has done extensive development work on the characters and setting and has me incredibly pumped about the story! While we’re open to shifting to suit the needs of the right publisher, we both see it as a graphic novel that could potentially become a series of graphic novels.

And while I still may put some art here, I’ve started a facebook page for Beah and would be honored if you’d go “like” it. We’ll be updating and posting art there. Here’s the link:



5 responses to “BEAH…pronounced “BEY-UH”

  1. ant'ny

    Your good pal Ant’ny can be patient, but YES, I got obsessed with this book once I got my ashcan. Has it really been 10 years (or even a bit more)?

  2. Peggy Johnson

    What is Beah? A comic? What’s it about?

  3. Hey Peggy. Yeah, it’s a comic book. One issue was done long ago…now it’s been completely revamped. Just searching for an artist.

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  5. Patty Lipps

    Hi, I am trying to contact Roland Mann. My cousin from Biloxi MS gave me some of his comic books a few years ago, and i recently came across them. I realized they are autographed by him. I am curious of the relationship between my cousin and Roland. I believe my cousin mentioned we were related. Just curious to see if I have a long lost family member out there.

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