I’m not sure exactly what all I want to say here, how much I want to talk about my projects and all…so just consider this a work in progress that could be totally revamped—even removed—at any time.

As I’ve stated several times before, active writers have their hands in many things at a time. I’m no different–sometimes I think I have my hand in too many things. Regardless, here is some of what’s going on with me.


5 responses to “Projects

  1. Bradley Cobb

    Hey Roland!

    Long time, no talk. How are things going? Since you’ve got at least one book completed, is it available somewhere? I’d enjoy reading what you’ve got going nowadays. I’m actually a little over a month from graduating from preaching school, and will be preaching full time in Oklahoma shortly thereafter.

    Well, chat atcha later!

    Brad Cobb

  2. Roland!!!

    Man, I just can’t tell you how delighted I am with your blog. I love EVERYTHING about it — the design, your priorities, and especially the photo at the top. I’ve shown it to several friends and described how it wonderfully captures your singular personality. Well done!

    Listen, I’m trying to launch my own blog, and I’m having trouble understanding WordPress. I don’t know how to let people subscribe to it via email, as you do, and I’m having trouble understanding the difference between the mission of my blog and facebook. Won’t I diminish involvement if I make people get off what they’re already on? That is, isn’t a facebook page or group arguably a better idea than a blog?

    I’m sure you’re swamped with FCBD, but if you get time in the next week or so, I’d be grateful for any thoughts you’d care to share.

    Congratulations are in order! I’m very impressed with your excellent work and am proud to call you an old friend.

    Bruce Costa

    • Bruce! GREAT to see you here, old pal! And thank you for your very kind words. Yes, FCBD coupled with my final Residency in a few days and then GRADUATION! …I’m covered up until the end of the month. Having said that, I’m HAPPY to try to help you if I can. So, let me offer this to you: CONTINUE to WRITE–cause you can always use it later–and store them up and then I’ll holler then.

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