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Catching up

No telling what volume of “catching up” this is, but hi! Did ya miss me? Since my last posting, Brett and I were able to pop up to Arkansas for a visit to Mom and Dad. Dad’s doing much better, but he’s still got a long way to go to get his strength back. He seems pretty determined to do it—so that’s a good sign. Thank you all very much for all the prayers and good thoughts sent our way.

If you missed my tweet earlier, Tiny #2 is available digitally on Comixology and on IndyPlanet. If you’re a digital comic reader, how ‘bout checking out the second issue by me and the talented Deonna Herrold!

John Crowther, Barry Gregory, Me at the Infinity Toy and Comic Con.

I’ve done two comic shows since my last posting, both of which were heaps of fun. On March 4, I was a guest at the Infinity Toy and Comic Con in Orlando. On March 19th, I was a guest at the Melbourne Comic Con. You should check out both of these shows the next time they come around: lots of geeky fun!

I’ve also got a fun slate of show coming up, too! On April 23rd, I’ll be returning to the Daytona Beach Comic Con, the local show that features MORE comic books than the bigger shows locally. I’m not kidding. If you’re COMIC fan, this is the place to go!

On April 29, I’ll be a comic guest at FusionCon, in Safety Harbor, FL. It’ll be my first time there, so I’m very excited to be going.

On May 6, for FCBD (Free Comic Book Day) I’ll be appearing with my comic making pals, Barry and Jenni Gregory, and Thomas Florimonte and legendary comic artist Alex Saviuk at ACME SUPERSTORE in Longwood, one of the best local shops around!

On May 25-28, I’m a comic guest at MegaCon in Orlando. I’ll be in Artist Alley once again and Deonna will be joining me as we work to put Tiny #2 in your hands. Remember, we sold out of #1 at MegaCon last year! Hint hint

On July 19th, I’ll be a comic guest at the Orlando Collect-A-Con in Altemonte Springs, FL. Barry and Jenni will also be there, so you know it’s a fun show!

On July 20-23, I’m headed to San Diego. Would like to get on a panel or something, but nothing on that yet.

On Aug 5, Barry and I will be traveling up to Pikeville, KY to be comic guests at the first ever Pikeville Comic Con. It will be my first even comic guest appearance in the bluegrass state and I’m very much looking forward to it!

On Aug 11-13, WizardWorld will be in Orlando. I’ve been slated to be a comic guest there for over a year, but some of the leadership has changed and I haven’t heard from them in a bit. I’m keeping it on my calendar until I know otherwise.

Whew! That’s it so far. There’s one or two others that I’d like to get to, and of course, I’m always open to talking, so if you run a show or knows someone who does and you need a friendly comic writer type guest to compliment your A-list artist, holler at me!

Next time, an update on my comic projects!


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