A health victory

If you’ve seen any of my posts on Facebook in the last year or so, you know there have been a lot of changes in health and such in the Mann household. I’ll never get it all right because I don’t pay near as much attention to it as I should. So I want to be sure that I give all the credit where credit is due, and that is to my lovely wife, BJ. She’s the one who grabbed the bull by the horns and said we were getting it done!

So some time back, my cholesterol was as high as 378. Yep. Scary. (For those who might not know, anything above 200 is considered “high”) I started taking one of the statins…and it came down, but only to about 330ish. Once we moved to Orlando, I just let my prescription lapse. Oh. Each time, the docs told me to lose some weight.

Nearly two years ago, BJ got introduced to Essential Oils. She wanted to give it a shot and help us stop taking so many over the counter drugs (advil, suda—stuff[sinus issues run amok!] Tylenol, etc). So we did…and they have played a big part of our entire get healthy journey. We’ve spent less than $50 this last year on prescription drugs (if that). And yeah, we bought Essential Oils, but the thing about them is that they are all natural.

Last year, after…ahem…an important birthday, I did the checkup…you know, rotate the tires and get the oil changed. My cholesterol was high—again. And the doc pulled out a calculator and gave me some pretty scary numbers…percentages or heart issues if I did nothing…and then numbers for if I changed things. The old role-playing gamer in me hated the percentages she was giving me, so we got busy. We changed how we ate, we drank more water, took some essential oil supplements and walked some (though we haven’t walked hardly at all since May—it’s HOT here!)

In January of this year, I had my cholesterol checked and it was 136. It was lower than 200 for the first time since around 2003! I’m now down about 12 pounds, but would still like to lose another 20-25ish.

One of the most difficult things I’ve done is “quit” drinking coke. Every other time I’ve tried, I’ve failed. So my approach this time was a little different. I decided I wasn’t going to “quit,” but was going to drastically cut back. As part of our eating change, BJ got us drinking water…a LOT of water. I’m trying to drink about a gallon of water a day. And yes, that means I make a lot of trips to the john…but I still like what it’s doing for me health-wise. I gotta tell you, it was extremely difficult at first—but water is just boring to me. After about two weeks, though, it got easier. I still drink cokes, but I consider them more of a treat, now. So I don’t feel like I’ve “failed” or “cheated” when I have them…I just try not to drink too much of them.

BJ talks more about the nitty-gritty details over on her site: drmomknowsbest.com. I’m not as concerned about all the details, but she’s up on all of it. Me, I pretty much just eat what she tells me—and I’ve seen the results so I know what we’re doing this time is working.

In all of this…our family has been healthier than we’ve ever been. Yeah, we still have the occasional thing (I still have sinus based headaches, but not like I used to get them—and certainly not the migraines which I truly believe were primarily caused by nutrasweet found in diet cokes!), but on the whole, we’re healthier than ever.


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12 responses to “A health victory

  1. ztnoble

    Good for you and BJ! We add lemon juice to the water, sometimes. It’s good for digestion.

    • I USED to add all sorts of stuff to the water…but over time, I just adjusted. Oh, make no mistake, I still REALLY like Coke…but it’s a “treat” now.

      • donorstg

        You let the cucumber “infuse” into the water. Basically cut it up and drop it in there let it soak. They have those fancy infusing pitchers everywhere. But it’s doesn’t have to be that fancy.

  2. donorstg

    Cucumber in water is good. Also, I’m currently obsessed with Mountain Valley Spring Water. You know the stuff – at least you should it’s from your home state. It’s the best tasting water out there. And I know. It’s water. But there’s something about it that I can’t get enough of. Maybe it come from the natural crack springs instead of hot springs. I don’t care. I’m drinking more water because of it.

    • Cucumber? Uh. What?
      Do you mean cucumber juice or just drop it in the water?
      I’ve had Mountain Valley Spring Water so I know what you’re talking about. Hey! If it’s getting you to drink more water, then that’s a good thing. We’ve put a filter on the tap and fill up multiple pitchers and stick in the fridge (we like it cold). The only time we have problems is when the last one to get water forgets to refill the pitcher! 🙂

  3. Bruce Costa

    Well done, Roland and especially BJ!

    The oils I use tend to be non-essential, but otherwise I’m trying to find ways to meet my grandkids: http://www.JoinTheRevolutionNow.org

  4. Karin

    That is awesome news! And totally inspiring, too.

  5. So glad you are getting those health issues under control. Fantastic drop in cholesterol.

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