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One day left on the Tiny kickstarter

Frustrated Tiny from #2

Frustrated Tiny from #2

Okay everyone, this will be the last time you hear me tell you that you still have time to pledge for the Tiny Kickstarter. It ends tomorrow (Saturday) at 5pm! So, if you’re planning to get in on it, you’d better act fast. As of this writing, only the Jim Hall original piece of art is left for the big rewards. While we haven’t set any sort of stretch goal for it, we’d like to see 120 pledgers…not specifying a dollar or level amount.

And I mean real pledges. I have to add that because I’m surprised at the number of offers I’ve had from others running comic kickstarters to essentially game the system. Here’s a sample from one of the messages: “If we each pledge $1 or more towards each other’s campaign, it would give an increase to both our total backed amounts as well as number of backers.” Someone else added this: “This is completely within the rules of Kickstarter and very beneficial to us both.” I got about eight of these messages all total.

Tiny caught in Winter from #2

Tiny caught in Winter from #2

I ended up thanking them for the offer, but let them know I wanted “real” pledges.

I’m happy to say that Deonna is rocking right along with the second issue and everything is still on track! I’ve tossed some random art from her on this page for you to get a peek at!

We were also guests on Wayne’s Comics Podcast over on Major Spoilers. You can give it a listen here: Wayne’s Comics Podcast #234: Frank Martin, Roland Mann and Deonna Herrold.

For those of you in the NE Arkansas area, don’t forget to mark on your calendars that I will be a comic guest at the Friendly Neighborhood Comic Expo in Paragould on July 9-10. Great family fun for all—come out and see me and all the other guests they’ve assembled! Find info on it here…and here.

Until next time!

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