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One day left on the Tiny kickstarter

Frustrated Tiny from #2

Frustrated Tiny from #2

Okay everyone, this will be the last time you hear me tell you that you still have time to pledge for the Tiny Kickstarter. It ends tomorrow (Saturday) at 5pm! So, if you’re planning to get in on it, you’d better act fast. As of this writing, only the Jim Hall original piece of art is left for the big rewards. While we haven’t set any sort of stretch goal for it, we’d like to see 120 pledgers…not specifying a dollar or level amount.

And I mean real pledges. I have to add that because I’m surprised at the number of offers I’ve had from others running comic kickstarters to essentially game the system. Here’s a sample from one of the messages: “If we each pledge $1 or more towards each other’s campaign, it would give an increase to both our total backed amounts as well as number of backers.” Someone else added this: “This is completely within the rules of Kickstarter and very beneficial to us both.” I got about eight of these messages all total.

Tiny caught in Winter from #2

Tiny caught in Winter from #2

I ended up thanking them for the offer, but let them know I wanted “real” pledges.

I’m happy to say that Deonna is rocking right along with the second issue and everything is still on track! I’ve tossed some random art from her on this page for you to get a peek at!

We were also guests on Wayne’s Comics Podcast over on Major Spoilers. You can give it a listen here: Wayne’s Comics Podcast #234: Frank Martin, Roland Mann and Deonna Herrold.

For those of you in the NE Arkansas area, don’t forget to mark on your calendars that I will be a comic guest at the Friendly Neighborhood Comic Expo in Paragould on July 9-10. Great family fun for all—come out and see me and all the other guests they’ve assembled! Find info on it here…and here.

Until next time!

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Week three of Tiny Kickstarter

Last week got away from me and I let it slip by without a blog. Argh. We’re on week 3 of the Tiny Kickstarter is nearly gone leaving us with one week left. A whole bunch of you have pledged your support—and I am incredibly grateful for that. For those of you who haven’t pledged and intend to—stop waiting and get it done now.



Once it is all said and done, Tiny will be 52 pages of story and art printed in two installments. We’re over halfway done with it all, the first installment is finished! Check out this cool “snow” panel from the second issue! Wow!

For you fans of original art, there are still two pieces available from two fantastic artists (attached to this blog!): both Jim Hall and Jenni Gregory have contributed original art to help us get funds. They are fantastic pieces! Grab one now before they are all gone!

So, we’ve been honored to be featured on some pretty cool podcasts. You should go give them a listen because they were nice enough to have us on.

The Riley and Kimmy show:


The Derek Diamond Experience:



The Worst Comic Podcast Ever (this is the name of the podcast, not anything judgmental from me!)

We’ve got an upcoming session on Wayne’s Comics Podcast, and a live—yes, LIVE—session on Her Dork World/His Dork world. That will be June 23 at midnight! It’ll be just a few days before the Tiny Kickstarter campaign ends, so I’m sure we’ll be giving it a push. You can point your web browsers to on Thursday night to give it a listen. There will be a number you can call in and chat with us, too, ask us some hard questions.

I’ll be attending two comic shows in July. I’ll be in Paragould Arkansas July 9 and 10 for the Friendly Neighborhood Comic Expo (here: and here: I’m hoping that many of my friends and family in the Clay County area will come out to see what I do that’s NOT newspaper writing/editing.

Then, from July 21-24, I’ll be attending San Diego Comic Con for the first time since 1999! I hear it’s changed a lot, but I’m hoping to see many old friends and make new ones…maybe even pitch a comic or two!


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Tiny Kickstarter Update and Megacon Report

Like last week, I’ve got two things to cover in this blog. Yes, I considered two separate blog entries, but figured you don’t want your notifications dinging with Ramblin’ updates so I’m combining them!

Roland and Deonna at Megacon with Tiny#1

Roland and Deonna at Megacon with Tiny#1

First up, a Megacon report. This year, the convention moved to Memorial Day weekend and extended the show to four days. I’m not convinced a fourth day was necessary, but Saturday didn’t see quite as overwhelming as it has in the past. Oh, it was still busy, just not claustrophobically so.

Booth/table numbering on the convention floor needs addressing, as there was no easy way for fans/attendees to find artist spots. The vendor area was clearly marked with aisle numbers, but those numbers did not correlate at all into artist alley.

I was fortunate to be beside my good pals Barry and Jenni Gregory who do some pretty awesome comic books! Additionally, it was fantastic to have sensational artist Deonna Herrold at the table helping me promote Tiny.

And that’s where I have the first of the two bits of good news I have to report. We sold completely out of all the copies of Tiny #1 we had! We were winding down to literally the last few minutes and had ONE copy left. So, I jumped in front of the table and started telling folks that and asking them to consider buying it so I could say we sold out! Mollie Tee sprang into action and made it happen for us! We captured the moment with a picture! (also, the link goes to her instagram photo, so show her some love since she showed US love!) THANK YOU Mollie Tee! Because of you, we can honestly say we sold out of Tiny #1 at MegaCon. I’ve never sold out of a new issue of anything like that before—not in 25+ years of conning! I’ve sold “bunches,” but never “out!”

The second bit of good news is that the Tiny Kickstarter is off to a great start! We were completely funded in a little less than four days—quite exciting for us. That doesn’t take you off the hook from supporting us. Yes, I EXPECT you to go over and support us. At this point in time there’s not a question of “making is,” your pledge is essentially pre-ordering the comics! Basically, you’ve just got to decide if you’re going to get the comics for yourself…or for someone else! So, what are you waiting for? Help us keep the momentum going—go do it!



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