Oh where oh where has my little blog gone?

Oh where oh where can it be? Yeah, this happens now and again to me, doesn’t it? I always intend to have a blog entry at least once a week. Most of the time I do just fine…but sometimes things come along and really knock me off track.

Usually it’s a combination of things that just stack up; grading student writing, my own writing, family obligations (I’ve never liked the term—I may be “obligated,” but I actually enjoy spending time and doing things with my family!), and that sort of thing.

Recently it was all these things…plus taxes.

Ugh. Yes. Taxes.

This year, while doing my taxes the week they were due (yes, I waited too long), I learned that I can no longer claim my daughter…who I feed, house, shelter and care for. The reason? She’s twenty-one, made more than four thousand dollars last year, and is no longer a student. Thus, even though I do supply her shelter, her food, and her health care, she had to file taxes on her own and I could no longer claim her as a dependent (all my pals with young kids, take note! It’s coming to you, too!).

And here’s the kicker: Her first time filing she had to PAY taxes. I don’t mean that as in she should get out of paying, but that she owed tax when she filed her return! It would be unbecoming of me as a father to talk about how much money she actually made last year, but I assure you, it was far below the Federal poverty level.

The reason she had to pay was that she made some of her money last year working on indy films—which is a good thing! It’s on the path to do what she really wants to do.

Part of this is just me being frustrated as a dad and not knowing this. Anyone who does much freelance work, or non-employee compensation, knows that you’ve still got to pay taxes on that money. Had I realized it, I’d have suggested that she pay estimated taxes—which is really what got her; the fact that she paid in too little based on what she brought in. I simply thought because I was still covering most of the bills that we could do this until she turned 25.

Nope. Not so.

Lesson learned.

The good news is that I’ve already started on my blogs for the next two weeks. Both of them will be about two new projects that are in the works (which is something else that’s kept me away from here!); one with a couple of established pros that just makes me giddy to think about, the other with a newcomer that’s really going to impress you (and I’ll be hitting y’all up for our kickstarter soon). I really think you’re going to like them both!



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