Writer’s BLAH

I’ve written before that I don’t believe in Writer’s Block. I still don’t; haven’t changed my mind on that one. If you want to read those thoughts, go here.

But this isn’t about an actual “block,” but a BLAH. It’s when you just don’t feel like writing.

Now, if you’re like me (or the way I usually am), you’re sitting there saying “suck it up and deal with it. LOTS of people don’t want to go to work and they have to do so anyway. Put on your big boy pants and write.” Yep, if you—as a writer—came to me and said you didn’t “feel” like writing, that’s how I’d respond.

BUT…what do you DO when that happens, and WHY does it happen?

This is a predicament that’s recently happened to me. And—as I’m writing this post now I think it’s improving…so I’m not sure I have the answer what to do, but maybe can talk about some of the WHY.

One reason a writer might not feel like writing is STRESS. Sometimes the stresses of daily life: bills, jobs, family, relationships, etc. Stress has the ability to run up your blood pressure, cause headaches, get pimples, shorten tempers, and a whole host of other things. When the writer is stressed, sometimes writing is the last thing on his mind.

Another reason a writer might not feel like writing is depression. When I was a young buck, the whole idea of depression just didn’t make any sense to me. I would always think if someone was “depressed,” they could just cry it out and then get better. I didn’t get that depression was more than just being sad. Having now had personal experience with depression, knowing people who have genuinely battled it, I have a different understanding. If you’re depressed, it isn’t that you can’t write, or can’t have creative thoughts (ie., “writers block”), it’s that you just don’t feel like doing it. Of course, when you’re depressed, you don’t feel like doing much of anything. Except maybe sleep.

A final reason a writer might not feel like writing is health. You might want to argue that the first two reasons fall under this heading, and so it’s all just one thing…maybe. I wouldn’t argue too hard with you, but I think it’s different enough to talk about. Obviously, if you’ve got pneumonia, you’re not going to feel like penning haiku. If you have arthritis in your hands, it might actually hurt you to write…and thus you don’t feel like being in pain. But it might be even something different. I recently discovered that my B12 is low… “far lower than normal,” my doc said, and proceeded to immediately stick me with a needle. But found out that a deficiency of B12 can cause a whole host of scary things, among those are weakness, fatigue, difficulty sleeping and thinking, and memory loss.

Which completely explained to me why I’d been so tired and didn’t feel like doing anything. It wasn’t “old age,” or “writer’s block,” but it was a health thing.

So, I’m not back to 100%, but I’m a bit better and at least glad I know what’s going on so that I can tackle it!

Thanks for reading, y’all.




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4 responses to “Writer’s BLAH

  1. ant'ny

    Glad you’re feeling better! And thank you for sharing your experience and advice. You might have helped some people because of that!

  2. I’m right there with you, Roland. Book one of my series released last week and I’m SUPPOSED to be writing book two…but BLAH has a death grip on me.

  3. Hope sales are going great for book one! Been following it and am INCREDIBLY excited for you! We’ll kick those BLAHS, though!

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