It’s (a)LIVE!

Well, one or two of you will get that, but the Kickstarter I mentioned last week is now LIVE! That means, if you have not been to the page to look around, shame on you. Get there now!

(you can click here to get there)

Go on. We’ll wait.

Okay…so now you’ve at least seen it. Thanks. I hope you were able to back the project with a pledge. If you’re unable, I trust that you’ll share it and tell everyone you know to go support it and help me and Joe get the graphic novel made!

One of my pals asked me if I’d be willing to talk about the campaign…and I am, so I figured I might as well start now, since my next month will be focused on raising the money.

To begin with I’ll answer the first question of how did I choose Citizens? I’ve got several other ideas cooking, why this one. The simplest answer is that I thought it would be the easiest to make happen. Citizens is just me and Joe. My other working comic projects involve more hands, and while I trust those hands, it’s just like an engine with more working parts. I’m HOPING, of course, that the Citizens campaign will fly through with amazing colors, we’ll produce an amazing book, and then everyone will want more! I’ll have a kickstarter campaign under my belt and will feel more confident about maybe asking for a little more and getting more hands involved.

The next thing was how to decide how much money to ask for. That one, too, was pretty straightforward. We need to the money for some basic stuff: printing the book, packing and shipping the book (supplies and postage), and money for Joe to eat! The numbers are based off printing 500 copies of the book. THAT is our goal. Yeah, I get it might be a lofty goal for a kickstarter print run, but we feel if we can sell 500 copies (or close) through the kickstarter, it’ll take care of all the requirements. If we have to print more—then that means we received more pledges and that’s even better.

Once we had that, I actually began building the page on Kickstarter. It wasn’t until I started the process that I realized much of what I needed to do. So if you’re thinking of starting one, I recommend you go ahead and click “start.” You can save your progress and come back and work on it as you can. To me, that’s a really nice thing KS lets you do.

I already had some art from Joe, so I was good to go there with something to show. The “pitch” was pretty much written, I just needed to attempt to tighten it up.

What came next in was trying to figure out how to structure the rewards…that wasn’t easy, but my process included visiting a LOT of comic and graphic novel kickstarter campaigns, those that I’d supported and those that I hadn’t. Those that succeeded and those that failed (to try to figure out WHY they failed). I asked for help/suggestions from some and am VERY pleased to say that just about everyone I asked was incredibly helpful and forthcoming—which is part of why I want to try to do the same.

Okay…I’ll continue on next week. Before I go, I’m happy to report we had a great day 1 (thanks to all who helped make it that way!) and I’m looking forward to the rest. So whaddaya waiting on? Go pledge…and tell your friends to do the same!



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2 responses to “It’s (a)LIVE!

  1. Way to go Roland. Loved the preview of Citizen.

  2. Thank you! Keep it in your prayers, please! Joe and I want to make it happen.

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