Twenty-five years ago today, I married the love of my life. Fortunately for me, she’s been able to put up with me for 25 years. Well, plus a little more.

Roland and BJ posing after the wedding

Roland and BJ posing after the wedding

BJ is fond of telling folks that we should really add seven years to the number of years we’ve been married, because that’s how long we dated. Usually, when she tells folks—especially the ladies—she gets all sorts of sympathy in the form of “wow, you really waited on him a long time.” It works for her. But you can read more about that in this post seven years ago (the one I wrote for my 18th anniversary).

Had you told me twenty-five years ago that I’d be living in Florida, I’d have told you that you were nuts. Florida was never on my radar as a place to live…never. Alas here we are…

Way back when BJ and I were still just talking about getting married, she once told me she didn’t care where we lived as long as she was with me, all was good. She even said she’d live in a tent! Well, we’ve not had to live in a tent thus far, but there’s been a time or two I had to ask her if she was serious about the tent thing.

But what’s more important impressive is that she’s put up with me these years. Even through all the moves: Mississippi-California-Mississippi-Alabama-Tennessee-Arkansas… She’s let me keep my 10k comics (which have actually dwindled down to about 7.5k these days because I’ve gotten very tired of moving them!), puts up with me going to silly comic conventions (and have pretty successfully gotten my kids hooked on them), actually encourages me to play war games with my son (how cool is that? “Yes, I guess I should spend some quality father/son time and play some war game.”), and will stand in line to watch a superhero movie when it’s released, even if she’s not that excited about it.

Roland and BJ wedding reception 1990

Roland and BJ wedding reception 1990

So while I’m taking the time to say it aloud (and to the world, so y’all listen up!), I say it privately (mostly to myself) pretty much every day: I’m doggone lucky that she’s put up with me for so long.

BJ, you are the love of my life. Don’t ever forget that.

Happy 25th anniversary!



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15 responses to “25

  1. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! My heart always rejoices when I hear of couples celebrating a wedding anniversary!

  2. Karin

    Happy anniversary! Awesome post!

  3. Jerri Mann

    Even after 25 years you can still talk “pretty” about her. Congratulations to you both and love you much and wish you lots more.

  4. Angie

    Happy anniversary! Glad you have had so many wonderful years together! BTW, she was told you came with a no-return policy 🙂

  5. Congratulations, Roland!

  6. ant'ny

    Congratulations to you both!


  7. Congrats Roland. I am sure you two deserve the relationship that you have worked so hard on. I know this because Amy and I will see our 30th anniversary in August and it hasn’t always been easy. But the rewards of hanging in there and putting everything you have into your family really starts paying off the longer your together. Its when the Kids are grown and gone, as the grandchildren start coming along and you watch your kids raising their own that you truly get the feeling that you have done things right. Happy 25th and I hope you make it another 50 or more.

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