AT&T irritates me

Before I dive in to my tirade, I should tell you up front that—in general—I like AT&T. I used their long distance service back during the calling card days, have had cell service with them, and even now have my internet with them.

And yet, with all of that, they still bombard me continually with advertising. I wish they’d give me a credit for all the money they spend advertising just to ME. In fact, I really wish that was an option on my statements; It would cut my monthly bills in half.

But you know, I get that big companies like that have to advertise. I get it…and in general, I don’t even care. But let me just give you an example of the waste in money from AT&T. In a recent week, on a single day I got mail, a phone call and even a knock on the door sales visit. Granted the personal knock on the door is rare, but it’s about the third one since the family moved to Florida.

The problem is two-fold: 1)we’re in 2015. We live in the most technologically advanced period in our history (is that statement EVER not true? Think about it for a minute). I can send an email and in less than 60 seconds, it can be read on the other side of the globe! Computers are so powerful now, they could easily spit out a list to their sales force so they’d know: hey! Roland Mann is already a customer. Spend time and energy trying to get someone NEW.

2)they’re mostly trying to sell me AT&T television, which I will never buy (they didn’t read my earlier blog, did they?)—or at least I won’t until I can choose channels and not “packages.”

I tell you no lie when I tell you I get a minimum of one mailer per week. Think about that: I get 52 pieces of mail per year trying to get me to buy a service I don’t have and will never have. I’ve told them as much both live (on those rare personal sales visits) and on the phone. If you add in the periodic phone calls I get, that’s a lot of time and effort spent on one person, who is already an AT&T customer anyway.

The wife says I shouldn’t mess with them when they call, but I always do. They tend to ask me if the deal they’re offering is a good one. I tell them it sounds that way and then they try to get me to order. Which I refuse. They want to remind me what a great deal it is, to which I again agree…but still refuse. It isn’t unusual they get frustrated and hang up.

The mail I can throw away (and do, filling up landfills in New Jersey somewhere! Thanks AT&T!), but the doorbells and phones I answer.

And it just irritates me every time!


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  1. Kenneth Renshaw

    Technology has moved fast (and so has greed). I can remember the first Moon landing. I have a hard drive hooked to my PC now that has 13 MILLION times as much memory as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin had on the Moon!

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