Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson

I haven’t blogged about any of my reading here lately, so I figure I’ll go ahead and post something. I’ve recently been in a re-reading mode and have just finished Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash. I’ll admit to you that I re-read this one on accident. I meant to pick up and read Diamond Age, which I have not read before. However, I grabbed the wrong book and didn’t really notice it until I was about 50 pages deep. The problem was, I couldn’t remember how the book ended, so I just kept reading.

And while I liked Snow Crash, I absolutely hate the ending. Hated it the second time around, too.

SnowcrashThe story is about Hiro Protagonist, a pizza delivery boy in the real world and a hacker in the virtual world. In this world, though, the real and the virtual are tied closely together. Hiro delivers pizza for a mobster who is impressed with his pizza delivery skills, but then also needs him to work in the virtual world for the mob. The big threat of the book is the drug Snow Crash. It targets hackers. One look at the “drug,” which is actually data, and the user is off his rocker and effectively in a coma.

The world established by Stephenson is pretty interesting, too. The story is set on the west coast and small political blocks are in power. The cool thing about them is that many of the blocks are corporate in nature. The US still exists, but in limited areas here. It’s very much a corporate dystopia, and it’s very interesting.

Hiro is also an expert with a sword—both in the real world and the virtual. Thus the book has its share of sword fights and virtual head’s cut off.

My biggest problem, as I said, was with the end. The story reaches a nice climax…and then just kind of putters out. You finish with the expectation that there should be about ten more pages…but they don’t exist.

All this said, I still want to give Diamond Age a read…and will.


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