College Football is Changing

Y’know, I’m very much a fan of college football. Not so much a pro football fan. Part of that probably has to do that there weren’t a lot of pro football teams around where I grew up. In Mississippi, our choices were pretty much the New Orleans Ain’ts or the Atlanta Falcons. There were a handful of Dallas Cowboy fans probably because of their dominance on television. This was also before the Titans came to Tennessee.

The regular season is a lot of fun, but the bowl season is also a lot of fun. The SEC put 12 of the 14 schools into bowls. Generally, I pull for the SEC school to win. And while I hear all of the complaints that ESPN is biased toward the SEC, it’s all about the money. SEC schools just generate more money as a whole conference.

But I’m not sure that I buy that entire bias argument. Just listening to Brent Musberger during the Miss. State game, he mentioned the LSU and Ole Miss losses and said the SEC was “reeling.”


So, the SEC starts 4-3, with 5 games left to play and the conference is “reeling?” The conference finished 7-5, which isn’t shabby.

Another problem I’ve had with all the ESPN broadcasts thus far is the sound (I’ll stay away from the commentating—I didn’t even know who the commentators were for the Arkansas game). I get that they want us to hear the sounds from the stadium; the cheering, the pads, and band, but they crank that up so loud that I can’t make out what the commentators are saying. Of course, maybe that was the point. Who really wants to hear Brent Mushburger anyway? So just turn up the noise so we can’t understand him.

One change college football has seen is the hurry up offense. In general, I don’t mind it. Not the style I enjoy watching, but it is what it is. What I don’t like, though, is how technology has taken some of the “chess match” out of the game. With an offensive coordinator in the press box, he can see the defense as the offense comes to the line. He doesn’t like the call so the entire team looks over to the sideline as the he radios down a new play…and they switch to that one. Yeah, no, I don’t like that. It ceases to become about the players and about how quickly the coordinator in the press box can call a new play. I say let the quarterback change the play at the line of scrimmage if he doesn’t like it. That’ll get us smarter quarterbacks.


It seems to take so long to get here when it’s over…then it goes by SO quickly.


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