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Exercising my 2nd Amendment rights

Several months back my family had the honored pleasure to be guests at the Dabbs home outside of Oxford (I’ll have you know the first draft of this blog entry read “weeks”) where we fired automatic weapons and blew up a stuffed duck. My family considers ourselves very fortunate to have the Dabbses as friends. Our path to friendship, though, is an interesting one.

I’ve written before (and here)of the trials of moving and as we get situated here in the Orlando area we’re dealing with those things all over again (yes, we’ll take recommendations for doctors, dentists, whathaveyou in the UCF area). I did find a place to get my hair cut; I use the local Paul Mitchell school…but every few months I’ll have to get a “new” student as they graduate.

We hadn’t been in Oxford long when we had to carry Brett to get to the ER to get a staple in his head. We went to the same doctor for the follow up. Liked him just fine. Shortly thereafter, Brittany got sick and we went to see said doctor except that it was his day off. So we saw the other one, Dr. Dabbs. But as we sat in the waiting room, I started noticing these cool war machine models, particularly one really cool one of a Confederate ironclad! So, while he was examining Brittany, I asked the doc who did all the models and we kicked up a conversation. Over the next year or so we had regular conversations and figured out we had a lot in common; he was even friends with Dean Zachary, a very talented artist who I had the privilege of getting to hire when I was an editor at Malibu and Marvel. Most importantly, we had our faith in common.

When we changed churches we were extremely delighted to find the Dabbs family in attendance. The doc told us he lead a small group so BJ and I decided to attend and we enjoyed every class.

We experienced the Summer of the Superhero together at the theaters and other things that cemented the friendship of the families.

Back to the original point: our visit to the Dabbs compound, as it is situated snuggly in a valley with Lake Dabbs just outside the back door, came to fire some weapons the doc has stored up in anticipation of the zombie apocalypse.

Talk about fun! I’d fired weapons before and I’ve accused BJ of being Annie Oakley (the very “first” time she fired my pistol she outshot me, my father and my mother!), but she had some experience with firing handguns. Brett and Brittany had both fired low caliber rifles. But none of us were quite ready for the fun we had shooting that day.

I’m embarrassed to say that I couldn’t really tell you the different guns we fired, but Brett probably could. There were times when he and the doc were talking about weapons and I thought they were speaking in German!

If you get the opportunity to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights in like fashion, I highly recommend it. The experience will be all the better if you have family friends like the Dabbses to share it with.

(I HAD pictures but can’t locate them–If I do, I’ll add a few)


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