Hot Springs Village…and MegaCon

This will be a short and quick update on some places you can catch me in the next weeks. If you’re nearby and are able, look me up and say hi. Bring a copy of something for me to sign…or better yet, buy something new from me on the spot…autographs are always free!

On Saturday, March 9, I will be speaking and overseeing mini-writing exercises based on the material covered in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas (sponsored by the Hot Springs Village Creative Writers group). I met a couple of the writers when I led the Hemingway Writers retreat in Piggott, Arkansas. I’m honored to know that they enjoyed the retreat enough to suggest bringing me in just for their group (which is, by all accounts, fairly sizable). Now—the pressure is on me! Click here: for more information.

Additionally, I’ll be at MegaCon the following weekend, March 15, 16 and 17 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). You can find me in Artist Alley at Brown #9. While I’ve done a bunch of conventions, this is only my second trip to Orlando, the last one being in 1998 where I got the chance to hang out with a lot of my old buddies (Bill Sawyer, Barry and Jenny Gregory, Tony and Claire Fortenberry [who also put me up during my stay then] and Thomas Florimonte). Some of you know the Gregorys and Thomas from the top POD printing company they own and run: Ka-Blam. While I haven’t talked to them, I’m assuming they’ll be there again—it’s local to them.

If you’re going to be at the convention, come out and see me. As I said above, bring something for me to sign…or better yet, buy something new from me at the con. Autographs will be free there, too!


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3 responses to “Hot Springs Village…and MegaCon

  1. Sounds like you have a busy spring lined up. We miss you at BCW!

  2. Enjoyed your workshop today in Hot Springs Village. And my grandsons were excited to get a copy of your books. Great to meet you!

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