Robot solicitation calls

So anyone who’s been around me and the wife when we talk about solicitation calls will know I like to mess with the callers. While I won’t go in to all the ideas that we shouldn’t be getting any of them because our number is on the “do not call” list (one of those rare brilliant governmental ideas!), but we still get them.

They used to really work BJ up, too. She’d ask for their name and company and tell them we’re on “the list.” To which they’d first get defensive but then panic and just hang up. She says I’m “mean” to them because the callers are just doing their job.

I know that.

And I’m trying to help them do their job, actually.

Have you ever talked to them? I mean talked to them? Their entire goal is to keep you on the phone, so (ideally) ultimately you’ll do whatever it is they want you to do. I’ve written about it before, but when I mess with them they get to stay on the phone longer, thus effectively doing their job.

But lately we’ve been getting robot calls. They come in several different flavors: some start “please hold for an exciting announcement.” Well, gee, if it was that exciting, wouldn’t they be telling me instead of asking me to hold? No one I know likes to be put on hold! I’ve had some call me and tell ME to turn around and call someone else. I always want to respond (but can’t) that I’ll have my robot call their robot. I never return that call. If it’s important, a person will call me.

In the midst of election season, the parties have their “millions” calling everyone; taking polls, asking questions, trying to convince you the other candidate is evil. Robot calls are no fun for me because I can’t mess with the caller. I hang up instantly and am incredibly annoyed by the call. I wish the caller ID would say “robot” so I’d know ahead of time (hmmm…legislation?)

But seriously…does anybody really think that a robot call will make anyone change their mind or sway them to a different opinion? Really? I mean, who comes up with these ideas…and then who says “yes! Brilliant idea! Let’s fund it!” Who?

I’d like to know who, so I can have my robot call them.



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2 responses to “Robot solicitation calls

  1. I’ve heard that it takes our brains like 7 (random number guess) times for something to actually sink in to our melons and for us to get it. Maybe that robot voice is lucky number 7 and the person is swayed from it….. ;O)

  2. ChrisH

    I’ve gotten several calls from the same number recently that I didn’t answer. When I got curious and tried to call it back, I got a ‘no longer in service ‘ message, but then got another call from it later. Hmmmm…..wonder how I can get one of those messages……

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