Advice to the pregnant (or new parents)

I’m inspired to write this after learning my cousin Travis and his wife Erin are expecting their first baby. It’s very exciting! Of course, Travis and Erin probably already have enough advice from his brother Landon and his wife Katie; at 3 kids, they’re practically old pros at it! Regardless, it got me thinking…and you know how dangerous that is!

My sister, Angie, told me the story once of sitting next to a young, new mother on the airplane. She accidentally bumped her baby’s head and the poor thing commenced to crying (I probably would have, too). As the baby cried, moms from all around the plane suddenly started popping their heads up and offering suggestions on what to do and how to handle the baby. The mom, Angie said, was fine except for all the well-wishers, and she was concerned the baby was bothering them.

But that made me remember all the advice BJ and I got before Brittany was born. We were told things like don’t buy aTravis and Erin girl pink colors and Barbie Dolls. We didn’t…and wouldn’t you know, Brittany’s favorite color—for a long time—was pink, and she absolutely loved Barbie Dolls!

We were advised on things like breast-feeding or bottle feeding, short naps vs. long naps (and even no naps), sleeping with the baby or having the baby sleep alone, talking and/or singing to them, etc. etc. Rarely did any two people ever give the same advice. Our doctor generally told us to ignore them all…which we pretty much did.

However, one thing no one told us but we were fortunate to have already done—quite by accident, mind you. Buy a video camera. I know, I know, they’re not cheap. They’re cheaper now than when BJ and I first bought one. But to have that video of the baby being born, or smiling, or taking their first steps … is just priceless. In fact, I believe in this so strongly that I say you should buy this before buying something like a stroller (you MUST have a car-seat these days) or a bouncer for your living room. Buy a video camera.

And then, when your baby is 17 or 11, you can pop in a video and wonder where all the time has gone…but be thankful you captured so many memories on video.


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  1. Jerri Mann

    How I wish we had had one when you and Angie were small. Pictures capture a lot, but not like a video. Good advice.

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