Twilight Review part Deux

So, it’s been a while since I’ve done any sort of book reviews here…so I thought I’d do so after finishing the two most recent candidates for doorstops. Yes, I read New Moon and Eclipse.

Now, before I get too involved, let me apologize up front to the Twilight lovers. Don’t hate me for giving my opinion. If you’re madly in love with those voluminous … collections of … words, bye now. Come back next time. If, on the other hand, you’re a Twilight hater and can’t understand why I would spend my time reading such … large gatherings of words, there is a perfectly good reason. A reason that no, not one of you could make a good case against.

My daughter.

Yes, my daughter.

See, my daughter is a very good reader (which is why I get worked up about her having to be involved in the AR program at school! What a joke—but that’s another blog for another time). In fact, not only is she a fast reader, but she’s fast learning to become a “good” reader. Voracious readers know what I mean. She’ll be passing her old man fairly soon.

But since the age of about 10, Brittany has been incredibly good at reading anything and everything I’ve suggested to her. I mean, the girl read the Tolkien trilogy (all 4 books) by the time she was 14. I didn’t even read The Hobbit until I was 15.

So, when she finally asks me to read one book. One book (well, the series) in all that time. I can hardly say no. And I couldn’t say no to my daughter. So I’ve read three of the four.

And I need a long break before reading #4…but I will, because she’s asked me to.

So, that’s a lot of rambling and not much reviewing. That’s intentional. Partly because I really don’t have much good to say about either book, certainly not much that hasn’t already been said. #2 was one long whiny session. Case in point: I was on about page 70 when Brittany asked me what had happened. I replied that it had whined for 70 pages. In a huff she sat down beside me, grabbed the book and started reading aloud. What did she read? “Bella, I’m no good for you.” She slammed the book closed and handed it back to me as we both laughed.

#3 was a little bit better in that things actually happened. Bella is still an idiot in this book. I want to make a lot of social commentary on why she is so messed up, but I don’t think I want to do that here. Of course, it might generate a lot of buzz here, but y’all know that’s not why I do this.

My biggest complaint is still this: Edward is like this 90 year old dude; Bella is not yet 18—yes, the girl is a minor madly in love with a 90 year old. Why is it that nobody seems to have issues with this? It can’t be just because he sparkles? I mean, had George Burns put sparkly lotion all over his body, he STILL would have been an old dude.

Anyway, read something else…unless someone who holds your heart in their hands asks you to read it. J

Next: An update on some upcoming appearances for me.



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13 responses to “Twilight Review part Deux

  1. Anne Winchester

    Finally! Somebody besides me who doesn’t like Twilight. I didn’t read the book, but I saw the first movie on TV. THIS? is what everybody is so excited about? As we said when I was 18, “Spare me!”

  2. Jerri Mann

    We will do almost anything for our children (or grandchildren), won’t we?
    Be glad she is so good at reading even when you don’t like the same books.

  3. I am truly awed that you have allowed your eyeballs to look at three books of that drivel. I tried to read the first one, but I gave up at page 100. The only reason I even tried was because one of my colleagues (you can guess which one :D) *loves* the series.

    As for doing something for someone you love, I have done the same by reading The Hunger Games trilogy because my daughter and granddaughter had read them. They didn’t ask me to–I just wanted to see what all the hoopla was about.

    Reading them was torture, I tell you. If someone can explain to me the appeal of reading about children killing children, I would appreciate it very much!

  4. I have been the member of my circle who virulently points out this age disparity. It is funny; Bella should be quite boring to, and unqualified for Edward.

    But I’ll take the other side when addressing you, an expert in disbelief suspension. She is “his own personal brand of heroin.” Just like our yellow sun can make Kryptonians fly, as long as the characters address the problem, we readers are willing to let much of the problem go away. I will admit to enjoying the Twilight series.

    I also want to bring up the films, because they accomplished something quite noteworthy. While I had problems with the first one (Ugh! The directing was TERRIBLE!), one reason I was quite happy with the rest can be summed up in one word: pacing. Prior to the Harry Potter books, we’d have though it impossible to get teens and ‘tweens en masse to read large volumes. Prior to the Twilight films, we’d have though it impossible to get teens and ‘tweens en masse to become engaged in deliberate, patient pacing (a la M. Night Shyamalan or Ridley Scott). This is a big deal, providing access to a bigger world.

    • I actually think the films are better than the books because we don’t get as much of the whininess that is Bella.
      I think part of the patience is an “anticipation” of sorts: they’re wanting to see Bella get bitten and become a vampire! ha

  5. Bruce, a man after my own heart. That’s exactly why I am a fan of this series. For too long, this age group has been glued to TV’s and phones – and now SOMEBODY finally got them back to books! And thick ones, at that!

    Roland, I think yuou are expecting a book that is written for ‘tweens to appeal to your adult senses. Since when has anything that ‘tweens do makde sense to anyone over 35? You are expecting too much – just be glad that they are reading. Once we get over that hurdle, the slow process of developing taste will take place.
    Maybe there’s hope….

    • You’d actually be surprised at the number of adults who read this–which is really a “crossover” book more than just a “teen” book. And while I don’t expect the sensibilities to be the same, I do expect the writing to be done well. I think Twilight is not written well. That isn’t to say that I don’t think there aren’t ANY good elements to it (as Mr. Bruce pointed out–pacing)–I can certainly see the appeal.

  6. I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who feels like this, and I’m sorry but I also don’t agree that the book (well, at least the movie–bc I’ve never read the book) promotes premartial sex with teenage participant(s).

    It’s just awful

  7. Brittany Mann

    I was 11 when I finished them all

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