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Origin of “Hotty Toddy”

Disclaimer: This post may offend some. Offense is not intended. Humor is intended. However, seeing as to how I may likely fail at my attempt at humor, offense may follow. Thus, if you are a University of Mississippi fan (sometimes referred to as That School Up North), please do not read any further. I would hate to offend my Rebel Black Bear friends. Both of you are important to me.

Anyone who’s spent any time around SEC sports is well aware of the foul-mouthed chant so dearly loved by the Ole Miss faithful. All other eleven schools in the SEC are repulsed by both its vulgarity and by its execution, which is generally only done when 85% of the participants are fully inebriated. Black Bear faithful are quick to point out that there is a “kid-friendly” version, but regrettably cannot remember those words.

It’s funny, though—if you aren’t already laughing—at the general misunderstanding of the “Hotty Toddy” term. 98.32 percent of the current student body believes it comes from a form of hot totty, which is, of course, a hot alcoholic drink. Serve them another, please.

Fans of rival Mississippi State claim it comes from a time when teams hurled slurs at one another during sporting events and a drunken Ole Miss fan heard an angry Mississippi State fan yell “hoity toity” which, of course, means “Pretentiously self-important, haughty or pompous.” The Ole Miss fan, in his drunken stupor, took it as a challenge to imbibe more alcohol. Serve him another, please.

Fans of rival LSU also claim it comes from a time when fans of the team hurled slurs (as well as beer bottles) at one another.  Of course, the LSU faithful were actually yelling “potty potty,” which was a stab at the ever poor quality of the Ole Miss football team. Serve them all another, please.

Fans of rival Arkansas claim no knowledge of the obnoxious chant and are insulted when intoxicated Rebels accuse the Razorbacks of having an obnoxious cheer. Razorback fans wonder how that new coach is working out for the Rebel Black Bears and are thankful not to have to play such football powerhouses as Jacksonville St.

Fans of rival Alabama, which is not really a rivalry at all as Alabama rarely loses (44-9-2), have actually never heard the Hotty Toddy chant. They’ve heard of it, but it seems the Bamrs begin their own famous Rammer Jammer chant at kickoff of their games with Ole Miss. The Rammer Jammer chant is generally done after victory is assured. They’ve all had enough, thank you.

Of course, no one associated with the University can remember the REAL origin of Hotty Toddy—statistics say memory is the first thing to go when one is intoxicated.

LATE EDIT: As I seem to be getting a LOT of hits recently…I think I discovered why and just HAD to post this very humorous youtube video. Not sure how long it will be up before the Black Bear lawyers force it down–so watch it while you can!


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“Legal” age?

With one of my own having recently turned 16, there’s more frequent talk about the house about the “legal” age. The legal driving age is 16 in most of the places I’ve lived, although Piggott, Arkansas seemed to give them out to 14 and 15 year olds like prizes. Those under the age of 16 could get what is called a “hardship” license. From what I could gather, the hardest thing some of those kids had to do was ask momma for the credit card to get more gas. I think parents signed off on it cause they couldn’t be bothered with driving little Johnny to school, and they didn’t want them riding the bus…a sentiment I understand.

When I turned 18, it was a big deal because I could then do 3 things: vote, drink and die. Not necessarily in that order. It all seemed to make some sort of sense, a crossing over of sorts.

However, the Federal Government stepped in some years ago and decided to raise the legal drinking age to 21. Now before you go tossing tomatoes at me, I’m not advocating drinking, certainly not. I am, however, suggesting that maybe something is slightly off kilter now (that tends to happen when the Feds get involved).

Today an 18 year old can vote in local, state and federal elections, and they can join the military service and potentially give their life in service. But they can’t drink. Really? We think them smart enough that they can vote for the highest office in the land and they can die fighting in Iraq, but we don’t trust them to drink?

Again, I’m going to stop here and remind you that I’m not suggesting an 18 year old should drink. Those who have known me since Y2K know I don’t drink. What I’m saying though, is that something’s not right. If an 18 year old American citizen can’t be trusted to drink alcohol, then maybe we shouldn’t trust them to vote, nor should we trust them to fight for our country.

Yeah, you see it gets a bit sticky.

Truthfully, I don’t know whether the age should be 18…or 21…or somewhere in the middle. I haven’t done the research to come up with a conclusive thought on age. What I have seen in practice is 16-20 year olds drinking uncontrollably around Oxford (something which the City and the local University tends to ignore—can you say “money”?)—and not just Oxford, but all over the US. Heck, just watch what happens during Spring Break. And what I have seen is 18-20 years olds voting irresponsibly as witnessed by our last election (okay, okay, that was a jab—but it WAS funny, you must admit that).

18 or 21? I dunno. But it just seems to me that there is an imbalance there somehow. Maybe I’m the only one who thinks that? Maybe I shouldn’t worry too much about it since I turned both 18 and 21 so many years ago. I guess as my own near the “legal” age, it’s been on my mind.


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So much for free speech in America

So, I’m not really a country music fan. Never have been. I don’t hate it or anything, just not a fan. Thus, I’m not really a fan of Hank Williams, Jr. Yeah, I know he’s got a bunch of rowdy friends over every Monday night and they have a great time…but I’m just not one of them. Don’t take this to mean that I dislike the guy…I just don’t like country music.

I think, however, it’s a crock all the flack he recently took about voicing his opinion. What? You haven’t heard? I thought I was the only one who didn’t watch all the network news! Appearing on some Fox show, he answered some political questions with his opinion…his own opinion. The one that belongs to him. The one that is supposed to be guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution. He made some sort of off-handed comparison of Obama and Hitler. It was his opinion, not that of Fox (at least, they didn’t confirm his opinion then). Right or wrong, dumb or not, he’s living in the United States and should be afforded that right as we all should be.

I mean, look, the guy is a media star. Many, many media stars have said some of the nastiest things about former President George Bush. Right or wrong, dumb or not, they are living in the United States and should be afforded the right to be right or wrong…or dumb. I never heard about any of them losing jobs or being pulled from assignments because they said nasty things about Bush. Why then does the Left clamor for Junior’s head? Why does corporate ESPN get involved and threaten (did they do it? I dunno, I don’t watch Monday Night Football…ever) to yank his catchy little ditty? Entities like this should stay out of the political arena and leave all the clamoring to the fans/individuals. You don’t like his opinion, stop buying his music. I say the same thing about the leftist stars as well, even if they do irritate me. In fact, there are two leftist movie stars who, after voicing their hatred of Bush, I’ve not paid a single dime to support their movies. Has it hurt them? Not likely, but I’m not their accountant.

Companies should stay out of politics…though I’m probably straying onto the topic of another blog, huh?

Bottom line is, I’m afraid we are slowly losing our right to voice our opinion, especially when it goes against the leftist power elite. They preach tolerance, but the truth is they are only tolerant to voices that agree with theirs. Those that disagree should be silenced. I don’t mean it in a kill-them way, but in a literal don’t allow them to speak way. A former high school classmate of mine recently posted on facebook that Rick Perry was so obnoxious to her that she didn’t think he should allowed to even run for President.


Not even allowed to run? Why not just vote against him?

The problem is he might win (no, this isn’t an endorsement for Perry, just sayin’). And that is something she is not willing to allow. Thankfully for all of us, it isn’t up to her!

Free speech, hate-filled or otherwise, smart or dumb, should remain an American right!


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