I love snakes

I killed a copperhead about three yards from my house the other day. Wasn’t a big one; about a foot long. Actually, I wasn’t sure what kind it was when I first saw him and since he was so small, I figured I’d let him move along. But then he struck at me. So I whacked his head off. Figured I didn’t need his kind around where my kids play (well, Brittany has gotten too big to “play,” so it’s just Brett).

But, as I gingerly tiptoed in that area for the next two hours cleaning up and seeing snakes that weren’t there (oh, come on! It happens to you, too!), I composed a poem in my head. And for those of you who know me, you know poetry isn’t really my thing. But it happened, so I just went with it.

Cause that’s how I roll.

So I present to you,

Ode to a Copperhead

(or, I Love Snakes)

I love snakes, yes I do.

I love snakes, in a zoo.

I love snakes, when their bodies are chopped in two.

I love snakes, it’s easy to see.

I love snakes, they sometimes dangle from trees.

I love snakes, when they’re far away from me.

I love snakes, I like that they eat mice.

I love snakes, almost as much as lice.

I love snakes, I’d squeeze them in a vice.

I love snakes, I see them in my dreams.

I love snakes, they make me want to scream.

I love snakes, on a wok with a little steam.

I love snakes, this I’ve said.

I love snakes, black and brown and red.

I love snakes, I smash them in the head.

Yeah, so there! I’m not real fond of snakes and I’m perfectly okay not seeing them here. Fortunately I’ve only seen four in the four years we’ve been here. I can deal with one per year.

I’m thinking about trying to get back to blogging once per week. My ego has been done good (like that Anglish?) the last couple of weeks as three (yes, 3) people have mentioned to me that they miss the regular-ness of my blog. Of course, two of them wanted me to blog more about writing and less about snakes. J Well, they didn’t say snakes, but I know that’s what they meant. How about it? You want to see me blog more about writing? More in general, or just more about writing?



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7 responses to “I love snakes

  1. peggy cook

    Yes I would like to see you blog more.

  2. Freeda Baker Nichols

    Actually, your snake poem and experience with a copperhead are somehow a refreshing change of pace from a blog on writing. Yet, by your example of writing, it still teaches something about how to write and what to write about. So I say blog mostly about writing, with inserts now and then about something else.

  3. Peggy Johnson

    More about How To Write….but not how to write comics…..just writing, in general….Where to find ideas….Humorous subjects…….

  4. Jerri Mann

    More about things in general. I love your take on normal everyday happenings. Remember the mouse chase, and of course I love to hear about those wonderful grandchildren of mine.

  5. I vote for writing. However, I was a city girl until I bought this house in the country about 13 ears ago. Since then I’ve learned how to discriminate – snakes, I mean. I LOVE speckled king snakes,garter snakes, blue racers and black snakes (actually, the first three are PRETTY!) Copperheads not so much. Go, Roland!

  6. Since you’re a writer, I certainly think you should write more. 😀

  7. Haha I love snakes just as much as you!

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