Rockin’ the Winter Jam 2010

Many who know me know that I was an avid concert goer in my…ahem…earlier years. If it was a band I liked and they were within driving distance, I was usually there. It wasn’t unusual for me to see a band multiple times. I haven’t really been to concerts of any sort the last decade or so, even though my musical tastes have evolved some.

So, when BJ and Brittany got all excited about the WinterJam2010 that was coming to Tupelo, my interest was piqued. She rattled off a long list of bands that would be performing, most of whom I’d never heard of. I had heard of Newsboys and Third Day, however. In fact, I really like Third Day. My biggest concern was—you guessed it: ticket prices. With such a lineup, I figured tickets would cost minimum $50 each… which means my family of four would spend $200 just to go to a concert. Our current situation just wouldn’t allow for that kind of expenditure.

However, it seems the WinterJam folks do something that I’d never heard of before: they charge everyone general admission price of $10. You read that right: $10! They do have a special for those who would like preferred seating. They can pay a higher price and be admitted into the arena earlier. Not a bad idea. But suddenly, a potential $200 show is only $40 for my entire family.

Sign me up!

So the entire family went to WinterJam2010 in Tupelo. I saw a new band that I liked quite a bit, but never hear/heard on the radio: FireFlight. I’ll definitely be looking them up. Saw several other bands that were okay. And while Third Day was sort of the “headline” band, and they were indeed very good…it was the Newsboys who stole the show. They had an energy and honesty about their performance that electrified all there. Afterwards, I’d told my wife as much, and that I hadn’t even liked Newsboys before seeing them live. They performed a version of Jesus Freak in which the entire arena went wild. It was very cool to see.

Robert Pierre also performed, but very limited time. Brittany has seen him two or three years ago and he was very nice to the fans who came up to talk to him after the show. Brittany bought one of his CDs and we’ve been listening to it many times. Every since then, Brittany has been very…uhm…enamored with him. J Once again he was available to fans and Brittany was able to talk to him after the show and get his autograph. BJ and I even chatted with his Dad some.

That’s one of the things that I think is the primary difference between the concerts I once went to and the WinterJam: the majority of the bands set up at tables in the halls around the arena and made themselves available for autographs and pictures with fans. It was very cool to see. You’d never catch Van Halen doing that!


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