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Around May of last year I stumbled upon the website for the Gideon Media Arts Conference. I was flabbergasted to have found such a cool event. As most of you know, the last few years has seen me teach “Graphic Storytelling” in several different venues. This was what I’d been doing on a grand scale—and I desperately wanted to be involved!

Alas, it wasn’t to be so—primarily because the time was late and their plans were set. But I was virtual-introduced to Ken Raney, a man with a mission…and a vision. Ken and I boo-hooed a little that I couldn’t be there, but he had other ideas he wanted to talk about and was a bit mysterious about it all. Not long after the conference, I participated in a Skype conference call with Ken and a couple of other creative minds. It seems Ken wanted to form a sort of Christian creative brain-trust, a creative house of ideas (if you’ll permit me to steal that line from a company which no longer employs that idea!), a place for high quality creative ideas with a Christian bent. I was all over it!

Each of the members created marketable ideas and we hashed them out. My contribution—which is still with Clash—is a project entitled Moonbeam Bobby. In a nutshell, Bobby Moonbeam is the young son of a missionary family, a family whose mission field happens to be—you guessed it: the Moon!

It wasn’t long before Ken had generated art for all the potential projects and began pitching them around. The interest he’s already generated is pretty incredible.

But what I didn’t realize is that he was busy doing so many other things with Clash Creative.

This past Monday, Clash Creative launched the official website. You should really go take a look. Even as such an early phase, it’s chock full of information, regarding the many forms of entertainment. It even has a “career bio” of yours truly there.

Clash Creative is targeted at teens. The primary aim of the Clash website is to be a portal website for Christian teenagers of all things entertainment: movies, tv, literature, comics, games, you name it. The site states that Clash is “dedicated to bringing excellent, enlightening, even edifying entertainment to Christian teens and tweens.

As I said earlier: I’m all over that.

So, swing by the grand opening of the site. You’ll be amazed at what you see.


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4 responses to “Say hello to Clash Creative

  1. Susie Bickley

    Hi Roland and good for you! While I can’t make it to BCW Sat. meetings, what you’re doing for teens is SUPER-DOOPER! Bless all involved!

    I’m still page-shelver at Southaven Library and have noticed several improvements – such as the graphic novels in YA area are now NOT on the outside of the rack, but inside. Perhaps my comments to various Christian folks re my concerns about libarary has helped afterall.

    Recently watched PBS Frontline show on “Digital Nation” and that helped me understand why our library’s 32 computers are IN DEMAND 7 days/week.

    Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow,
    Susie (aka Susan) in Southaven
    Also: (my husband, Bob, is NOT happy with comcast so I don’t know re future on this address)

  2. Hey Roland,

    Wow, that’s great news, to see what you’re getting involved with. The site looks nice, and there is a lot of creative work there.

    Nice to see you are working on a new novel. Good luck with that and the AWC conference. Looking forward to seeing you again next month at BCW.

  3. Mr. Roland. I saw your name at a literary agency that I’m submitting my supernatural-or (Christian) romance drama/thriller…whatever. I’m pretty frustrated with trying to find the right genre name for it.
    Anyway, I’m glad to see somebody out there concerned with the slim pickings of Christian entertainment for the kids. I mean truly Christian. Not the kind of stuff that requires mental acrobats to squeeze out a Christian parallel if you know what I mean.
    What I was hoping to ask is…what is our genre called? And who in the heck wants it? I’m married, a mother of eight, a teacher at home and I try to find all I can via inter-net. In other words, I rarely get out.
    I’m going to pass this website to the yahoo home-school groups that I’m part of. I just submitted a query to your agency today and due to my novel’s “unique” elements (biblical characters and creatures) it seems fantasy but is it? How exactly does that work? Should I say it’s supernatural? Biblical fiction? Fantasy? I really need to know so that I can submit to the right people.
    I was encouraged when I saw you wrote young adult Christian fiction. (But I haven’t been able to find exactly what that is here on your page, could you direct me?)
    Anyway, sorry so long winded. Thanks for your dedication to addressing this important problem in entertainment.

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