Auditioning: the call back

So when Brittany received word that they wanted her to return for a second interview for the role of Mattie in the upcoming Coen Brothers’ remake of True Grit, (I noticed after reading my last entry that I forgot to mention the movie) you can just imagine she was very excited. And so were everyone we know! She was given two and a half pages of lines, some directions on what to wear or what look to have, and told to come back the following week.

On the way home, Brittany worked her cellphone, calling everyone in her directory. Each hang-up was preceded with “don’t post it on Facebook until I do.” No, we don’t have twitter, so she’d have to wait until she got to an actual computer. The mass auditions were Saturday; she was to return Tuesday morning.

They told her several things: be natural, don’t listen to your parents, and don’t watch the movie. They didn’t want the girls watching the movie and trying to act like the original. Instead, they told the would-be actresses that the Coen Brothers were going to go for a truer adaptation of the novel.

So, we hunted high and low for the novel. BJ found it at U.M.’s library and then waited for two and a half hours until a librarian showed up so she could check it out. All the while, Brittany was reading away. She went to school on Monday and I picked her up just after lunch so she could get back and finish the book and work on her lines. She finished reading the novel by late-mid-afternoon Monday and had all her lines memorized as well.

BJ fixed her up with a western looking outfit and I supplied her with a slouch hat I use for reenacting and she looked quite the part (though when she showed up for the camera, they told her to ditch the hat because they wanted to see her face). We didn’t leave quite as early this time because we had a “scheduled” time.

Brittany and other would-be Matties wait in the Hotel lobby.

And it went well…and very fast! When they began taking the girls, Brittany was one of the first in front of the camera (we don’t know yet if being one of the first is a good, bad or neutral thing). She was back down in the hotel lobby within twenty minutes, which really surprised me.

And now…we wait. They won’t call her if she didn’t make it, but they also said it would be at least four weeks before they decide anything. Brittany has that day marked on her calendar. Regardless of whether she gets it or not, she has had a blast.

And that’s what’s important.

Lastly…today marks the 49th year that my Mom and Dad have been married. Yes, they were married on Christmas Eve. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! We love you!



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3 responses to “Auditioning: the call back

  1. Magoo

    Thanks, son. We were talking earlier about what a short time it has seemed to be.

  2. Justice


    BTW, I just heard today that my landlady’s son-in-law ALSO has parents who got married on Christmas Eve! I’ve never heard of such before – and now I have TWO examples!

    Brittany: best of wishes to you!


  3. christicorbett

    Hands down, one of my favorite movies! I have the book, and love it too.

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