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Hittin’ deer

On Wednesday before Thanksgiving day, the family set out for a fun night on the University of Mississippi campus to watch the Arkansas Razorback Volleyball team take on the Rebels. Neither team had been all that great this year, but since Brittany is very interested in v-ball, we decided to go. While I really like football, the cost of tickets is outpacing the affordability for my family. Plus, seems to be fewer drunks at volleyball games, even at the #4 party school in the nation. (That’s not fair for me to say—as far as I know, I haven’t seen any drunks at the UM v-ball games, not something I can say about the football games)

It was an exciting set of matching, going all the way to the 5th game to determine the winner. Ole Miss pulled it out in a squeaker, and Brittany decided she wanted to stay and try to meet the coach…the Razorback coach, that is. So we waited around and the Razorbacks (Brittany wouldn’t let me call them “Hogs,” because they are girls!) began to trickle out. She had the opportunity to meet a couple of them and talk to them—asking questions like what should she do to prepare for college ball.

Then some nice Razorback lady took us over to the coach and the group of girls that were riding the bus back to Fayetteville. Man, talk about an incredibly nice welcome. The coach (Robert Pulliza)—who’d never seen us before in his life—talked to Brittany about the game (in general, not the game that night) and what she needed to do to be a Razorback when she graduated. Several of the team members asked her questions about her position, her team, etc. What a very cool experience. We left calling the hogs, of course.

On the way home we talked about the fact that it wouldn’t be long before Brittany (in 9th grade) would actually be in college. Of course, BJ and I aren’t really ready to accept the face that in 4 years from now, Brittany will be a freshman in college, not high school! As we lollygagged along, (I wasn’t speeding, really! We were taking our time, going about 40-45 mph) a deer stepped out in front of me and ran into our van!

We called the police and the came to check on us. We were fine, but the van was in horrible shape (photo attached!). Seems the deer took off the entire left front corner of the van—parts of my van are still sprawled along the side of the road.

Keep in mind, this was Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I talked to our insurance agent and nothing could be done until Monday, after the holiday weekend. So, we let the van sit until then.

Monday, we took it to the preferred shop and he couldn’t get to it for 2 weeks. Finally, we found someone who could get to it in a week—but it still had to sit for a week before any work would even be started! As we absolutely cannot travel out of town in my truck with all 4 of us in the family, we told them we’d really, really, really like to have it back before Christmas so we can travel to see family. They assured us they could do it. As of today, though, we’re having to deal with only 1 vehicle…and one that can’t take the entire family anywhere.

To top it all off—the deer must have lived after tearing up the van. Neither us nor the police found any sign of him!

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