Evolving for global warming

A sudden realization came to me while driving late one night last week. Now, because of that revelation, I’m confused as all get-out about the global warming alarmists. To wit:

To hang with me on this, you’re gonna have to agree that the majority of those screaming loudly about global warming are also believers in the Theory of Evolution—it IS still a theory folks, even if they conveniently leave out the “theory of” in most of our textbooks now. Plus, it’s never been proven…so that still makes it a theory. To continue to chase that rabbit, I once heard a guy describe it as a religion. His explanation was that the evolutionists laugh off creationists because they say it can’t be proved…yet at the same time they believe in something equally unprovable. So, now we have the religion of evolutionism. Soon there will be one on every corner!

For the record, I happen to be one of the millions who believe in the young earth idea; that the earth was created in six days of twenty-four hours each and those six days were only roughly 10,000 years ago. We’ve got recorded history for most of that time and the scientific explanations are just as plausible to me as thinking Clinton’s ancestors were apes. Mine weren’t—his might have been.

But, here’s my predicament: if the evolutionists/global warming screamers really believe in evolution and aren’t just wanting to contradict folks who believe a religion’s theory (and yes, I do believe there are some out that like that), what are they worried about and why are they screaming so loudly about it? If evolution and global warming is true, and the ice melts and the waters rise and the temperature rises as they claim, won’t we just evolve with it? I mean, what, won’t we grow gills or something? If we came out of a puddle of muck, and have survived meteor crashes and dinosaurs and multiple ice ages…surely we can survive the thermostat a little.

But you know, I don’t discount the idea the earth is warming completely. But I think we’ve got a very big case of Chicken Little going on. Whether the earth is 10,000 years or 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 years, man has only been tracking temperatures for a little over 100 years. That’s hardly enough record to prove one way or the other.

The funny thing is that I seem to remember only about 25-30 years ago when everyone was talking about the quickly oncoming ice age. Yes, they were talking about how the glaciers were coming our way and we’d be covered in ice. I honestly don’t think they were prognosticating the animated movie that came out a few years back. Therefore, I guess in the last 25 years we had our ice age and are now moving into the global warming phase. I guess Macy’s will have a sale on summer wear!



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2 responses to “Evolving for global warming

  1. Jim Chadwick

    George Carlin had a theory that it isn’t the earth that’s in trouble, it’s us. The earth will eventually take care of itself once we are all gone and may even find a use for plastic. Furthermore, he speculated what if the whole purpose of the human race was to come here and develop plastic for the earth? Then when we’re gone, the earth will say, “Well, thanks for the plastic.” I’m messing it up. His version was much funnier.

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