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Singin’ and signin’

For those of you in the Memphis, Tenn. and Jackson, Miss. areas, listen up!

First, the Memphis areas folks: Today, Thursday, October 1, 2009, my incredibly talented daughter Brittany will be competing at the Mid-South Fair Talent Show at the Desoto County Civic Center. While I’m not sure exactly what time she goes on, her registration papers say she’ll be on with the 7:30 p.m. group.

Brittany will be singing Fly On The Wall, a Miley Cyrus song. She’s been singing it all summer long at the various county fairs and has the song down pretty well. What she’s really been trying to work on is the “performance” part of it. Judges in the past have told her she has a good stage presence, she’s hoping she can put them all together tomorrow. It won’t be easy, though. At 14, she is competing in the 13-21 age bracket. Last year was her first year in the Senior division and we were really surprised at how polished some of the older kids were—I mean, some of them were college kids! So she’s been working hard to up her game. Of course, she’s just getting over H1N1 and is still feeling kinda puny. But we think she can bring up enough reserve energy to knock them dead for the 3 minute song!

For those of you in the Jackson area: On Saturday, I’ll be taking part in the Artist Alley day-long autographing in Ridgeland. Spearheaded as a way to promote Mississippi comic book talent, the event will feature about a dozen comic book creators from around the state of Mississippi. I will be there, of course, and my long-time friend Steven Butler will also be there. I’m sure Steven will be doing his usual gig of caricatures throughout the day. Bring your comics to get them autographed or pick them up at the show.

The event has been really promoted and pushed by Andy Childress, a relatively new comic creator out of the Kosciusko area. He produces BubbaWorldComics, so if you enjoy yourself Saturday, be sure to thank him and the store owner, Van.

The show will be held at Van’s Comics in Ridgeland, Miss., and will last from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. Don’t be late as I’m sure we’ll be tired as heck and will get out as quickly as possible!


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