Where’d the hate come from?

Y’know, I haven’t paid too terribly much attention to politics in a while—been too busy with volleyball, medical issues (sick kids!) and other life stuff. But the President’s speech to the school kids has generated so much noise it’s really hard to not hear that.

I first heard about the speech on the radio, a conservative talk show. They were upset that the President planned to speak to schools. Truthfully, I didn’t see the problem. President is the President, let him tell the kids to be good and study hard. However, apparently a draft of the speech circulated and included the President talking to the kids about the health care reform.

Huh? I can tell you now that my kids—and they’re both pretty bright—don’t really have any idea what health care reform is. Ask either one of them if they think “everyone should have healthcare” and of course they’d both say yes. I mean, everyone agrees on that issue. It’s the issue of where the care comes from that the disagreement comes.

Still, that’s not really what I wanted to blog about today.

I am continually amazed at how mean and hateful many on the “left” are. I hesitate to use the term “liberal,” because I know not all liberals are this way. And I hesitate to use the term “Democrat” because I know they’re not all that way either. “Left” is the best alternative term I could come up with.

My memory of hateful leftists starts back at the 2000 election. A friend of mine, who is very much a liberal, turned incredibly hateful every time we spoke on the phone—or rather, when politics came up. I heard “idiot rednecks,” “religious zealots,” and more terms than I care to share here. I stopped talking to the friend as I just got tired of getting called names. Not long ago, on a blog here, a friend of mine chimed in and started calling people who think like me nasty names; all because I stated an opinion. In the last few days, BJ was called a version of “dumb” (which I also won’t repeat here) for stating her opinion.

Now, none of what I’d done (nor BJ) had any sort of name-calling in it. I said I disagreed with something or that I thought something was wrong about a governmental decision…and then the name calling started. And, I guess because of the wide-variety of friends I have on Facebook (I’ve always considered a wide variety of friends a plus), I see some very mean and hateful posts, all directed at Conservative type folks. That’s not to say I don’t see anything negative about Liberal-types…but I rarely see the mean/hateful/name-calling. I would like to think it is because Conservatives are more inclined not to swear, but I’m not sure that’s true either.

I continue to find myself very surprised at the level of hate coming from those who claim to be so “tolerant.” I gotta tell you, if that’s what tolerance is all about, I don’t want any of that!



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8 responses to “Where’d the hate come from?

  1. Roland,

    IMHO, I believe that the very thing that makes a person adhere to the Liberal/Left sid eof controversies is a preponderence to place their feelings and emotions on a high priority. As a former Romantic and bit of a libertine, I went with how I felt and said how I felt. I did NOT want to hear ‘what was best’ – since I had often been callously treated by family members who were Conservative.

    As I got some personal healing in Christ, saw how reactionary and inflammatory I could be I began to realize taht many of MY ‘feelings’ were wrong. Not my heart’s desire, but my feelings.

    Abusive speech and name-calling IMMEDIATELY cost you victory in a formal debate. Unfortunately, the internet allows many ‘informal’ and thus unstructured debates – and that opens the door for a lot of this immature behavior.

    Villifying your enemy was denounced by Christ in Matthew 5:22: (“Anyone who says to his brother ‘You FOOL!’…” ) because it does a terrbile thing to the person villified and the person doing it. Communication ends and hatred smoulders.

    When someone does this, I have finally learned to simply walk away. A Buddhist wise man agreed with Jesus commandment to turn the other cheek, and taught his younger charge in the following fashion –

    Student: Master – that man just said awful things about you!
    Master: Yes, my son, he did.
    Student: Will you not reply?
    Master (smiling): My son – if a man offers you a gift and you do not receive it, to whom does it belong?

    Let fools speak. They can do very little afterwards if no one replies.

  2. Peggy Johnson

    To respond to the first part of your blog, I think it’s a big ado about nothing. Why shouldn’t the President speak to school children?. Pres. George Bush spoke to school children and asked that they give their input (contact) to help improve the country. There was no outcry when that speech was made.
    As I understand it, the talk with children had nothing to do with health care. The problem with the speech is that he is asking for input from the children, which has become an issue. He is also asking that they stay in school, study hard which, of course, isn’t an issue.

  3. Chris

    Agreed on the hate issue. I worked with a man who blamed everything ( yes, everything – His bad marriage, his poor health, bad drivers, bad weather, etc.) on politicians. If you asked him how his day went, you had to brace yourself for the foulness that blasted forth. I got so I went the other way. I don’t mind good political discussion and debate, when it’s about politics, but when it’s just a lot of four letter words and name-calling, I just leave. You can’t talk to people like that.

  4. Keith Jones

    I think you should look at some of the leftist sites… and not the published commentary, but the comments made on the articles. The “left” has no monopoly on hate. In fact, I was surprised to see you say this about the left. I see far more hate from the right.

    I assume there is hate from all sides and this is not based on these observations, but on personal experience as well. I don’t talk politics with friends anymore because it very quickly gets personal … and I don’t mean name calling, my friends and I call each other names on a daily basis, all in fun of course. Many of these opinions are formed based on personal experience and often those experiences are very close to their heart and as a result emotions run very close to the surface.

    The Internet is a wonderful place to express random and anonymous hate. Sadly, hate sells these days. Paid commentators can be found spewing hate on an hourly basis on television and radio and yes, even on the Internet. As a liberal I see dark and vicious hate coming from the right far more than I do from the left.

    I understand I may be “blind” to any hate from the left, mainly because I tend to visit sites I agree with and find many of the hateful things I see as funny. When I happen upon a right wing site I see the hateful things as horrible and ignorant.

    I don’t talk politics with friends anymore. There are entire sides of my family I do not associate with because of fights in years gone by… which I’m willing to drop, but every time I see them (including at a family funeral not all that long ago) they bring up politics and try to push buttons.

    I’m not really saddened by this loss, but I’d rather not lose any other friends, so when politics do come up I plea ignorance on the subject or nod politely and wait for someone to start talking football, women, medieval studies or women.


  5. Tim Miller

    I believe no one has a monopoly on hate. I truly believe that when someone does not have the ability to argue their point intelligently the easiest way to direct attention from that inability is to start calling names or play the race card. All of a sudden it is no longer about the problem at hand but degenerates into a mess. It is about time we grew up and realized that it took all of us to get into this mess and it will take ALL of us to get out of it.

  6. Hi Roland,

    I get in trouble when I talk football so I’m going to keep a low profile on the political scene for the moment.

    Please come follow me at http://www.jillnutter.blogspot.com



    I’d like to get all of us represented by Kimberly to keep in touch.
    Best of luck with your novel.

  7. Jesus. YIKES! Isn ‘t Jesus a politically incorrect word? And just what does Jesus have to do with the Left and politics? Everything.

    It was November of 2008 – an election year – and I was on the verge of a coronary after an abusive day with co-workers. My husband was in another state hunting. But, fortunately for me, I’ve got awesome kids. I took a deep breath, picked up the phone and called my son, who at the time was a Freshman at Liberty University, (he’s a sophmore now, YIPPEE…and with two kids in grad school….I’ve only got forever to pay college bills!)

    My very brilliant offspring reminded me that Conservatives will always be the target of the Devil. The hatred that is spewed from the Left is in defense of worldly wants and desires. Wants and desires that are not Christ like. So….what does the Left do? Lash out.

    Liberals know that God doesn’t approve of their world view. They make sure Christ is removed from all public life (especially the schools) – thus making Jesus politically incorrect. It’s the only way that the Left can validate what they say and what they do.

    When I am now attacked by Liberals, I no longer feel I have to defend myself or my conservative views because I am reminded that it is the Devil at work and he doesn’t deserve enough of my attention to elicit a response. Besides, in the end, I do believe that Christ Jesus will have the last word.


  8. Chris S.

    I’ve spent a lot of time testifying in court cases and one of the things I’ve noticed is that the weaker the case, the louder and more aggressively the defense attorney argued it… their only hope was to try and get me to lose my temper to hurt my case…

    My father, who was a wise farmer put it another way… never argue with a mule… it only annoys the mule and wastes your time…

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