Well, we went to Arkansas last weekend for a singing and came back with a dog. Regular readers here will remember how I griped and complained about the Oxford Lafayette Human Society and their enjoyment of dog-killing instead of seeing dogs get a good home. Well, I’m tempted to send them a picture of our “new dog.” Yes, we’re now the proud new owners of a baby beagle.

Shortly after my blog about the OLHS, my Aunt Judy called to ask if we wanted a puppy. Truth be told, we’d pretty much had our heart set on a lab (or lab-mix) because our last two dogs were lab mixes and they were such good dogs. However, I’ve always had a soft spot for beagles. I don’t know if it is because of Snoopy or because several of my family members owned beagles—including my grandfather who used to raise them and use them as hunting dogs. But after doing the research thing on the internet (wanted to make sure they were good with kids), we decided that we wanted to try a beagle. BJ still has those little thoughts in the back of her head about making it a house dog.

After some talk, the kids settled on the name “Freckles” because the puppy has freckle-like spots on her tummy and legs. The first night here at her new home, she cried and cried and cried. She was just outside of Brett’s window and he came to me in the early morning hours saying he couldn’t sleep because the puppy was crying.

We moved her to a different location and she did better the next night. But BJ had this idea that she needed something to snuggle with, something that might remind her of her mother—she’d just been weaned. And actually, she was much smaller than I had anticipated. So, at the suggestion of my wife, I went to a thrift store and bought a stuffed teddy bear.

And Freckles loves it. Don’t ask me why. As I write this late at night, she’s yet to cry since we locked her up for the night.

It’s been good to see the kids with her, too. Some of Brett’s friends came over while he was playing with her (we’re trying to teach her to fetch!)…a few minutes later he came in to tell me they were going to stop playing army because he was worried about his puppy. And really, for me, that’s what it is all about. Just check out the smiles on those faces.

We still may get us a lab when we can find one. After all, Freckles needs a roommate!



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5 responses to “Freckles

  1. Peggy Johnson

    A sweet story. I’m a dog lover. For a short time, I had a beagle named Sidney. My last dog was a hunting dog named Slick. He started out being my son’s dog but decided he liked me better because I was home all day and my son wasn’t. So he switched yards.

  2. Marylane

    She is precious! Your family will never be the same- in a good way. Congrats!

  3. Clayton

    Congratulations, you won’t be disappointed! We still miss Patch and we’ve talked about adopting two more…..maybe later. Patch was the best thing for Andrew and the rest of us…you’ll enjoy every minute BUT your heart will be stolen. Tell Brett and Brittany congrats too! Remember, Beagles are VERY, VERY social…they don’t like being alone. Have fun..!!

  4. ChrisH

    Great choice! I’ve had Beagles, and they are smart – stubborn, but smart. Your kids will definitely have to on their toes to keep up with the dog!

  5. Dave

    Roland: Beagles are very very smart. This however like many blessings – mixed. Beagles are champion runner a wayers. (will find a way out of the yard to chase a rabbit EVERYTIME) SO DO NOT send a picture to humane society. They may respond by sending the animal control van to your neighborhood often, The possible consequence is having to rescue your own dog over and over.


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