Picnic season over

Well, the 2009 Clay County Arkansas picnic season is over. Money for local cemeteries has been raised for another year. This means they can continue to keep the grass cut on my final resting place…well, mine and hundreds of others, some of whom are already there.

It also marks Brittany’s third and final performance of the picnic season. Despite several obstacles, she performed splendidly—but you knew she would, didn’t you? In fact, this was actually the first time she’d ever run into any real obstacles for her performances. First, this picnic didn’t have a “sound” person to select the songs or monitor the volume on the sound (which got very loud on one of the songs). So, she had to select the song on the CD, press play, and then hurry back to the center of the stage to sing.

Then she had to deal with a microphone that had a short. Granted, she wasn’t the only one to deal with it during the picnic, but a few times her voice cut in and out while she was singing. You could tell she was fiddling with her grip trying to find the sweet spot—and all the while maintained her smile.

Then she had to continue singing through a train, which just happened to blow its whistle several times as it passed by. The picnic grounds are right beside the railroad tracks, so we got to hear the clanking of the cars as they rumbled by. Fortunately, it was a short train.

She opened the picnic with an a cappella version of Star Spangled Banner. I was supposed to video tape it as I do all the others—as those of you who read here regularly know—so that I could post it on youtube and all over other places. But I managed to mess that up somehow and ended up videotaping the ground for a couple of minutes just after she finished. I may lose my “cameraman” job because of that. Momma was not happy.

She’s not finished singing yet, though. She’s been invited to sing at the Missouri Peach Fair in Campbell, Mo. In August, but more on that later.

But she was mostly excited about her fundraising project. She has been so excited about Camp Electric she attended this year that she wants to go back. In a very creative fashion, she decided she wanted to sell some CDs of her singing in order to raise money for next year’s camp. So, she picked out 8 songs (started with 10, but that turned out to be too much work for Dad!), we recorded and mixed them, and made a cover for it and she took them with her to sell. Selling for $5 each, she sold fifteen of them. She was very happy. In order to pay for her camp completely, she’s calculated she needs to sell 85 more. So if you know her, she’ll be hitting you up to buy one soon. We will mail them, but Dad has to figure out the postage and mailing costs before we can do that.

All in all, a fun summer. Time for school to start back this week!


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  1. Dave

    Roland: Set one aside for Ol’Dave

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