Oxford Lafayette Humane Society likes to kill dogs

Yeah, I fully realize the title of this blog might seem a bit extreme, but if you hang with me long enough, I think you’ll be convinced that I’m right. (Disclaimer: this blog is all my opinion and my opinion only. So there!)

But before I go there, let me back up a little. Back when we were living in Loretto, Tenn, we noticed that Brett was deathly afraid of dogs. I don’t mean the kind of walk on the other side of the street so as not to get close, I mean the run-away-like-the-dog-chasing-you scared. So BJ and I decided we’d get a dog. As we had with Dusty the cat, we had planned to get one from the animal shelter so as to “rescue” them of sorts. Just something we’ve always believed we should at least attempt to do.

For the Lab-dogs Goldy and Blackie, though, we got them through someone giving them away. We’d planned to only get one, but they were siblings and the kids were drawn to different ones. They were handsome dogs, and in only a few months, Blackie had been dog-napped.

Long story short, Goldy has been with my parents in Piggott, Ark., since we moved here and Brett has begun to exhibit some of those fears again—a lot of dogs run loose out here in the county where we live. We’d just been making arrangements to get Goldy when he died. So, we told Brett and Brittany we’d get another one to give them a home.

So, trying to do a good thing, we went to the Oxford Lafayette Humane Society to pick up one of their unwanted dogs. When we arrived, Brett picked up immediately and recognized it as a “dog orphanage.” We explained that was exactly what it was and that the OLHS loves to see loving families like us come in to adopt a pet. (No, I won’t grace them with a link—you wanna look them up, you’ve got to work for it!)

We were just going to look, to get an idea of what was there. But we found a chocolate lab that could have passed for a sibling to Goldy and Blackie…and it was friendly and took to Brett immediately. We filled out the paperwork and were willing to pay the $100 adoption fee. I’ve never paid that much for a pet. Never. But was willing to do so because it was the Humane Society and all that.

A week later, we had to call them to find out they’d turned us down. Why? You ask? Well, we wondered the same thing. Seems because we don’t have a fence around our 2 acres on a cul-de-sac (cove actually) in the county (ie., very, VERY little traffic) we’re not eligible. Dogs run all over the county (I don’t mean that in a bad way, though I’m sure some do) and because we don’t have a fence, they’ve said no?

Gimme a break.

SO, rather than let us adopt a dog and give it a loving home…they’d rather kill it. They call it euthanize, but it’s the same thing.

Let me be quick to say that this seems to be purely an Oxford thing and not a Humane Society thing. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised.


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4 responses to “Oxford Lafayette Humane Society likes to kill dogs

  1. ChrisH

    Roland, we have run into this exact same problem where I live, too. Why doesn’t the state/county/city make that same requirement?

    I agree with your short ‘assessment’ of the situation. You’d think there would be some sort of middle ground.

  2. How terribly sad. Put that story in one of your books. It comes under the heading: Don’t waste your sorrows.

  3. Bobbi-Jo

    Hey, same problem here in Canada. Didn’t happen to me but to a partner at work. Crazy. They actually had a fence but the SPCA didn’t think it was high enough… needed to be at least 5 feet high they said.

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