Do Not Call!

For years the jokes have always rang out with the truths of the phone ringing just as you sit down to supper with the family. As you think twice about answering (we no longer answer the phone at mealtime unless we’re expecting a call) you pick it up only to discover someone wants to sell you something…and they won’t let you off the phone!

I’ve loved the “Do Not Call” list since day 1; thought it was a fantastic idea. We signed up for it immediately and our solicitation calls went from about 3 per week to about 2 per year. Each time we’ve moved—and those of you who know us know that we’ve done it more times that we wish the last few years—we’ve immediately put our new number on the DNC list…wait, I’d better write that out before my Democrat friends get the wrong idea!

So why is it that the Mississippi Highway Order of the Fraternal Police can continue to call me over and over and over again even though my telephone number has been on the DO NOT CALL list for months? Why are they exempt from solicitation calls? “This is not a solicitation call,” said the voice on the other end when I asked that same question. Excuse me? You just asked for a donation—isn’t that what a solicitation call is?

Once the solicitor asked me if I liked feeling safe. What? Gee, but that sure sounded like a threat to me! I told him I had my own gun, thank you very much! It actually made me quite mad that a police solicitor would use a tactic like that. And I like the keepers of the law! I have several good friends who are lawmen and I hold them in high regard and on the list of my very best friends. I know they wouldn’t use tactics like that, so why should the Fraternal Order of the MHP?

I really did tell the solicitor I had my own gun. Back before the calls stopped, I used to like to talk to the solicitors. BJ would just say no and hang up. You could hear their voices talking until the click of the receiver. But I liked talking to them. Well, not really, but I figured if they were going to waste my time then I was going to waste theirs.

Once a solicitor called and told me about some vacation. He asked me if I thought it sounded good. I told him it did. He proceeded to tell me more and asked me if I thought it sounded like a good deal. I assured him it did. He asked for my credit card number and I refused. Surprised, he mentioned something else and I asked him to explain it. He did, and then asked if I didn’t think that sounded good. I assured him that I thought it sounded wonderful. He asked for my credit card number again. I refused. He asked me why I wouldn’t give him the number so I told him I didn’t want him having my credit card number. He assured me it was only to hold whatever it was he was trying to sell me. I responded that I understood and he asked again. I refused again.

HE hung up!



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2 responses to “Do Not Call!

  1. Chrish

    Roland, don’t be angry at your police dept. In fact, if they knew the tactics that caller used, they probably would be angry, too. These calls are from a cmpany that contracts to make the calls for a percentage of the take. The caller had NO affiliation with the PD except for the sales contract.

    I love your ‘conversation’ with the caller. Wish I was quick enough to find good responses to those questions! I usually just do as BJ does, and hang up while they are still babbling.

    • Dave

      Roland: There is a Fraternal Order of Police and MS HWY Partol Officer are eligible to join. But to the best of my knowledge there IS NO MS Highway Patrol Fraternal Order of Police. Disrespecting the do not call list is a big indicator that the caller is a con artist running a illegal or legal but high pressure scam.


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