Lost electricity and I got an agent!

My daughter came up with a very good funny the other day…was so good it put me in stitches. Many are aware of the line of really nasty storms the mid-south region has had the last few days. Friday afternoon was the worst one here: started around 4 p.m. with large marble-sized hail. First time since we’ve lived here that both vehicles sat (mostly) under the garage.

We lost power around 4:30.

As things go, we ate dinner and played Uno by kerosene lamps. Brett was able to play his various electronic games until the batteries all ran out and Brittany was able to watch her DVD player also until the battery ran out. I sat on the couch and continued reading Last of the Mohicans by the oil lamps. As it came time to go to bed, I jokingly told Brittany that Abraham Lincoln had to do all his reading by oil lamps. Without pausing to even think, she said “maybe that’s why he signed all those things he shouldn’t have signed—he couldn’t see!”

I got a very good belly laugh out of that.

But while we’re talking about reading and writing, I’m very pleased to announce that an agent has offered to represent me and my works of fiction, especially The Gifted, which is what caught her attention. Yes, you could say that I’m incredibly excited. I intend to sign, seal and deliver the offered contract this week. I would have done it already, but BJ insists on taking pictures of the actual signing—I was trying to just stage it but she would have none of that.

The agent is Kimberly Shumate and a link to her blog is here—go visit it and tell her what a “smart” decision she’s made! 😉 It’s all new ground to me, so I’m sure I’ll be talking about some of it here.

So, my revision of The Gifted is finished and I’m now working on a “proposal” in the format sent to me by the agent. I guess I should say “my agent.” J It’s quite detailed and is proving to take a lot of time.

Fun time, though!


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15 responses to “Lost electricity and I got an agent!

  1. Peggy Cook

    Congratulations. I am excited for you. Good job!!!

  2. paco

    Congratulations!!! We are excited for you and hope she really works to get your books out. Just be sure to read even the fine print so you will know what you are signing. How is Huck Finn selling?

  3. Clayton Wilbanks

    I’m so excited for you… an answered prayer!! Hallelujah…I want a signed first edition :). God works in mysterious ways….
    BTW – our new pastor begins his ministry here this coming Sunday.

  4. FLFlatlander

    AWESOME!!! Congrats to you on your “signing”. Can’t wait to get one off the shelves and then beg you to sign IT!

    D’Anna was talking to Brit last night and had both of them remembering good times! Me thinks it’s time for a reunion!

    Congrats, again!

  5. ant'ny

    Suh-WEET news! I cannot wait to purchase some new tales by Sir Roland! Keep us posted, please!

  6. ChrisH


  7. Chris S

    Congrats and best wishes… looking forward to buying a copy as soon as it comes out. Also, left a note on her blog as you suggested.

  8. Dave

    Roland: Wonderful news – wheels will now begin to turn !

  9. Congratulations Roland!

    That and with the other interest you’ve had in your book, you’re on a roll. Keep it moving!


  10. Justice (Brian)

    Wooooo, wooooo!

    Congratulations, Roland!


  11. Thanks everyone…your good wishes are MUCH appreciated!

  12. christicorbett

    Hello Roland,
    We share an agent :). I too am represented by Kimberly. Glad to see your blog is such a success. I just started mine today…and have a lot to learn.

  13. Brenda

    Hi, Roland,

    I happened to come across your site while researching Living Word Literary Agency/Kimberly Shumate. I am interested in submitting to her and was wondering if you would be willing to provide some feedback?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Brenda. I’d be absolutely happy, too! (as long as you don’t SUBMIT it to ME!–believe it or not, that has happened in the past)
      I think Kimberly is fantastic. First, if she takes you on it’ll be because she believes in what you’ve got to say and your ability to say it. Then, she’ll work like crazy to find a home for your work! If you have more specific questions, feel free to email me. I’m happy to sing Kimberly’s praises! 🙂

      • Brenda

        Thank you, Roland.
        I appreciate the feedback. I am getting ready to submit to Kimberly this weekend, since you are not accepting submissions :). I don’t know about you, but I am soooo ready for spring. Enjoy your weekend!

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