Dreaded strep throat and swine flu

Brett has been out of school since Tuesday with strep throat…the dreaded strep throat…and I haven’t gotten good sleep since. But I feel for the little tyke because I used to catch strep four of five times a year when I was a kid. I hated it. You could just mention the words “strep throat” and I’d catch it.

Brett’s came on suddenly and surprisingly—I went to wake him up for school Tuesday and thought he felt kinda hot. After taking his temperature and learning it was 101, we decided to keep him at home and feed him Tylenol for the day, maybe that’d make it better. On top of it, Wednesday was the last day for his class to make their Accelerated Reading points and Brett was 2.5 points shy. Momma swapped emails with his teacher and we found books for him to read at home. And…he read them. See, if he didn’t make his point total, he couldn’t go skating Wednesday with his class and he really wanted to go skating.

Well, about 4 a.m. Wednesday morning I hear him talking and go see him—he’s burning up at 103. So, we give him Tylenol again and take him into the doctor. It’s a doctor he’s seen several times before so he knows us by now. It is also this doctor who tells me that he can’t believe the big deal the media is making out of “swine flu” because it is just “the flu.” Granted, it’s a slightly different strain, but it’s still just the flu.

Then he asks if I have head and chest pains. I stop to think for a moment until he points out the fact that I have an Arkansas Razorback cap and shirt on.

Brett is still fighting strep, but is slowly getting better.

Strep throat was miserable every time I got it. When I turned 25, Mom asked me if I wanted to have my tonsils out. I couldn’t say that I’m been sitting around thinking about it, but when she told me that it’d stop a lot of my strep throat, I said yes pretty quickly. Then when she said I had to do it before my next birthday or I’d have to pay for it myself, I thought it was a great idea!

Immediately after surgery, I felt great. But I was still high on whatever they’d given me before…once the pain medicine wore off, my throat hurt like all-get-out. Fortunately it only lasted for a few days. Since then, I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve caught strep throat. That was a surgery well worth it!



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4 responses to “Dreaded strep throat and swine flu

  1. Swine flu is obviously just another bird flu and nothing to be over worried or stressed about. The most common of flu’s can kill people if you don’t treat it the right way by drinking tons of fluids and seeing a doctor if necesary. Mexico has poor health care and even more poor people who have died because they caught a stronger strain of the virus and can’t get any medical care. Mexico should be sanctioned and punished for what they have done or haven’t done.

  2. Dave

    Roland: I too was a strep throat “proney”. Had it all the time as a kid. Alas, I put off having tonsils out until age 46. It is exactly the same EXCEPT substitute a couple of weeks of pain instead of days. You my friend, made the wiser choice.


  3. paco

    Do you remember being in the bathtub fully dressed with Dad and I pouring ice cubes in with you to try to bring your 104 fever down?

  4. Dave

    I feel your kids pain,..I am 44 and have a bad bout as we speak,,ugh! hate it and have to avoid my daughter so she wont catch it….

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