April 15: Time for a Tea Party!

Today is tax day and my returns should have arrived with the governments (that would be Fed and State) by now, if just barely. But today is also “Tea Party Day,” a day chosen purposely for Americans to get together and voice their displeasure over the idiocy reigning in the current White House.

More on that in a minute.

It was a little harder for me to calculate my taxes this year because I had a decent little amount from my writing and editing work with Elfin/Campfire. I’d never been paid from a “foreign” publisher before and Turbo-tax kept sending me in circles because I knew how much I received, but I didn’t receive a form from them. After hours and hours, though, I finally figured it out. I will say, it was a nice problem to have.

But I’m anxious to see how this “Tea Party Day” will work out. I’ve said before that I don’t think the U.S. has anyone of the caliber of the Founders or even the Southern Secessionists alive today. If you really stop and think about it, both groups were really bucking the system, taking a huge chance, but doing it because they really believed in it. George Washington, T. Jefferson and crew had to be a little nutso to take on the biggest nation (at that time) in the world who also happened to have the biggest military. What were they thinking?

They were thinking they were fed up with unfair taxes, that’s what. They’d come to the “new world” to try to make a better life, same as most of us try to do today. Taxes got out of hand, among other things, so they held the Boston Tea Party (nobody got hurt), seceded from the British Empire and formed thirteen new states.

Happened again then, not quite 100 years later. Again, it was all about money. Southerners got tired of it, seceded (nobody got hurt) and formed a new union. U.S. President didn’t like that though (pride and pocketbook got hurt) so he sent his armies to force the Southern state to return.

Maybe it’s just that we’ve not reached that breaking point that happened both those times? But I’m less inclined to believe that than I am we simply have no leaders with guts…or courage to stand up to the injustices being done.

But wait! Hot off the presses is a release about the great state of Texas threatening secession! Governor Rick Perry of Texas encourages all states to return to the Founder’s idea of states rights and that the Federal Government has become oppressive.


I want to move to Texas!

Meanwhile…I’ll go have a Tea Party at my courthouse today…I encourage you to do the same…at least until our states find someone with the courage of Rick Perry!



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9 responses to “April 15: Time for a Tea Party!

  1. chrish106

    Fortitude has nothing to do with it. In Thomas Jefferson’s day, England didn’t have weapons that could blow whole cities off the map! Not that it would come to that, but the economics of rebellion in the U.S. these days is staggering. So what? We’d start all over again, and e in the same boat in a century. History repeats, and repeats, and repeats….

  2. Dave Olbrich

    I think that there is a LOT to be unhappy about when it comes to how politicians spend our money. I’m sure you and I would agree on much of it … and disagree on even more.

    But tax rates? Really? A tea party? Really? Succession? Really?

    The tax rates are going down for more than 90% of all Americans. Are tea party people against lower tax rates for themselves? their families? their friends?

    The top tax rate is going up 3%. So the top tax rate is going to return to the rate it was from 1993 to 2001, which is still more than 10% LOWER than it was from 1982 to 1986. These new rates would be more than 30% lower than the top tax rates from 1965 to 1981. (Source: the conservative website of the National Taxpayers Union)

    Where is the unfairness? Where is the injustice?

    It seems to me that a lot of people have lost perspective on this subject, choosing to believe the propaganda instead of the reality.

    If “tea parties” aren’t REALLY about tax rates, they sure picked a bad metaphor for this movement, didn’t they?

  3. Dave–exactly HOW do you think this multi-trillion dollar deficit will be paid? Will the debt fairy show up and magically remove it? The only way it’s going to be repaid is to increase taxes.
    RE: SEcession–Yes. Why NOT? The ONLY reason folks could possibly be against secession is for money/power control. The US has supported–yes SUPPORTED–many governments seceded from larger oppressive governments. What is the difference now? What do YOU care, living in California, if Texas secedes to become a nation? Texans will still watch movies and will still buy California oranges–so what’s it to you?

  4. Dave Olbrich

    So the tea parties are a protest against tax increases that haven’t happened yet???

    I find that very odd.

    No one was talking tea parties and secession when Bush/Cheney and the Republicans were running up massive deficits. You and yours are being PLAYED for your support by Power Brokers of the right wing variety.

    This smacks of the very worst kind of “sore loser-ism” I’ve ever witnessed. The majority of the country puts an idiot country bumpkin in the White House who lies to start an unnecessary war … and while a lot of us were unhappy … no one was talking about revolution, secession or picking up our toys and going home.

    The majority of the country puts a black man in the White House with a liberal agenda to help the poor, the needy and the middle class and to remove our country from needless warfare and the sore losers want to turn over the game board, send all the pieces flying and start organizing their own local military.

    Does that characterization seems wrong to you?

    It all seems so deeply and vastly un-patriotic to me.

  5. It is SO much fun to watch/listen to you regurgitate liberal lies, lies which you seem so easy to accept. It just reminds “me and mine” WHY we’re so opposed to you and yours.

    There is no sore-loserism. Obama’s color has nothing to do with it. He may very well be the best speaker this country has had since Reagan. He is a pleasure to listen to. His policies of bailing out WEALTHY CEOs of multi-million dollar companies DO have something to do with it. Maybe our standards of “poor” are different, but 500k a year is NOT poor by my standards.

    And WHY is it suddenly “un-patriotic” when “me and mine” (whatever that means) disagree and hold protests, but it is incredibly patriotic with liberal anti-war pro-baby-killers hold protests. TALK about double standards.

    Welcome to the slowly Nazified USA!

    Oh–DID you know that Obama has put ME on the “possible terrorist” list? YEP! LOL

  6. Dave Olbrich

    Name one liberal lie that I’ve regurgitated. Someday I’d love to do a book (maybe with you) juxtaposing the lies that conservatives believe about liberals and the lies that liberals believe about conservatives.

    You’re not a bad guy. I like you. I’ve always liked you. We’ve always enjoyed a good relationship and I hope these discussions haven’t wrecked that.

    I’m always fascinated when people I like and respect come to such widely different conclusions from basically the same information than I do.

    Wow. You completely missed the point. If you want to protest how the government spends our money, there are a lot of different targets. If you think that the CEOs responsible for this financial disaster should be in jail instead of buying a new private jet with tax dollars, I’ll stand side-by-side with you at that protest.

    The problem is created because “the right” (not necessarily you) has no credibility. The complaints have no basis except that they are anti-Obama or anti-liberal. If “the right” is against government hand-outs to big corporations and tax money going to WEALTHY CEOs, why were they silent when Bush was doing it before Obama took office? If “the right” is going to claim to have values and principles, they are going to be required to stand up when either party violates the rules and their trust … otherwise it is just politics with no real values or principles.

    I never said it was un-patriotic for anyone to disagree or protest. Protest until you wear holes in your shoes if you like. Knock yourself out. Dissent is important.

    Secession isn’t dissent. It is revolution. And if you start talking seriously about secession just because you lost an election and find yourself on the losing side for the first time in eight years, I find THAT un-patriotic. For goodness sake, the man isn’t even 90 days into his presidency yet.

    Let me get this straight. The tea parties are a protest against tax increases that haven’t happened yet and may never happen??? The tea parties are a protest against tax cuts for lower income and middle income families? The tea parties are a protest against raising taxes on WEALTHY CEOs by 3% beginning in 2011? What was the point of the tea parties again?

    And if the protest isn’t really about tax rates or tax collection, shouldn’t the protesters have picked another and more appropriate metaphor?

    A slowly Nazified USA? Holy crap Roland. I’m saying a little prayer that this comment was hot-under-the-collar hyperbole.

    Considering your radical un-American opinions (said in the most ironic and humorous way possible), are you really surprised you made the possible terrorist list? Don’t worry, you’re not so special. Bush’s Department of Justice tapped my phone and listened intently and illegally to my phone calls to my mom in Minnesota.

  7. Liberal lie #1: Conservatives are mad because O is black.
    Liberal lie #2: They’re “sore-losers”
    Liberal lie #3: the right has “no credibility” because they are anti-Obama.

    That’s enough for me.

    I’m know I’m not a bad guy. I don’t think Obama is a bad guy either, he’s just making bad decisions.

    IF you think the tea-party day was ONLY about taxes, then you must think the Boston Tea Party was ONLY about taxes on tea and that the Amercian Civil War was ONLY about slavery.
    It adds up over time.

    I don’t know that the CEOs belong in jail–what did they do illegal? O yeah–liberals don’t NEED reasons to lock people up.

    For the record, most on the right were NOT silent when Bush was running up debt. Most may not have been opposed to the war like the left, but I dont know hardly ANY real conservatives who liked seeing the Government GROW! YOU just weren’t paying attention to them then.

    RE: Secession. It isn’t about 90 days. It’s about 150 years of continuous Governmental growth–growth that seems to be WILDLY out of hand NOW that Obama is in office. He didn’t start it, but it’s spinning out of control.
    And I don’t mind being put in the camp with George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, et. al. I’m honored to be included with these revolutionairies.
    But you never answered WHY you care if Texas secedes? What is it to you?
    What is the difference between Texas seceding from an oppressive Fed. Government and Georia (the country) seceding from an oppressive Russian Government? It’s hypocritical to support one and blast the other.

    And YES, Dave, Nazified. I encourage you to READ a little about the Nazi government. I’m NOT suggesting the US will imprison and kill millions of jews, but the core of the Nazi government was control by the STATE…This is the direction that Obama is pointing us in; the state is taking over more and more and more. The more appropriate term might be socialist (haven’t we had this discussion before)…but Nazism was just a “brand” of socialism.

    But YES, I AM surprised that because I believe abortion should be illegal that I’m suddenly a terrorist. It’s just flat–well, back to the Nazi ideas. Obama’s Homeland security has concocted a list of people to watch–people that are dangerous to what? oh Yes–THE STATE!

  8. Dave Olbrich

    I’m really sorry Roland. I can’t let this go unanswered.

    Between your rampant paranoia, missing the point, changing the subject and putting words in my mouth, I’m having difficulty with a thoughtful response. I’ll attempt to be brief.

    1. I never said or even hinted that conservatives were mad because Obama is black. Why you would assume I did says more about you than it does about me.

    2. Are conservatives sore losers? Yes, in my opinion. That’s not a liberal lie, that is an observational opinion. If conservatives ACT like sore losers, BEHAVE like sore losers and TALK like sore losers, you’ll have to excuse the impression that conservatives are probably sore losers. You can tell the difference between a lie and an opinion upon which we disagree …. right?

    3. I didn’t say, nor do I believe, that conservatives lack credibility because they oppose Obama. They lack credibility because they ONLY oppose Obama. They didn’t oppose Bush when he did EXACTLY the same things (or worse) than Obama. It is very difficult to be credible when you support giving MORE AND MORE tax dollars to Wall Street and the wealthiest Americans under a conservative President and then aggressively oppose exactly the same behavior when it is committed by a liberal President.

    4. I freely admitted that I didn’t know what the tea parties were about. The participants didn’t seem to know either.

    5. You wrote, “But YES, I AM surprised that because I believe abortion should be illegal that I’m suddenly a terrorist.” I don’t know what radical right wing wind tunnel you’re getting your information from, but I submit that you’d be happier if you’d stop listening to those people. You seem very angry and very unhappy. I don’t know how or why you got this story wrong, but it doesn’t really matter. Roland, listen carefully, no one in the federal government gives two xxxxx what you think about abortion, unless they can exploit it to get your vote or you monetary support. Bush/Cheney wanted the power to label ANYONE an enemy of the state and lock them up without due process. This is exactly the kind of thing Obama is trying to stop … although I think he should be trying harder.

    6. I’m sorry that you saw fit to bite my hand when I made a modest effort to reach out to you and turn down the vitriol in my previous post. I’m afraid I may have gotten carried away a little in this message and some hyperbole probably slipped in. If you’re enjoying these exchanges and find it interesting (as I do) how the other half thinks, I’ll continue to stop by occasionally and pipe-in. If you would prefer that I stop and go away, just say so.

  9. Like many liberals, Dave, your arguments and words prove why many (most?) conservatives are driven insane.
    First, name calling like crazy. You can look back over my posts and see not one instance of name-calling. You have said this: “idiot country bumpkin” in reference to Pres. Bush. Bush earned a BS from Yale and an MBA from Harvard Business School. If he is an “idiot country bumpkin,” what does that make you with your UW-Lacrosse degree?
    You called me paranoid…”Between your rampant paranoia”… Exactly what am I paranoid about? Taxes? I’ve just finished mine and there’s no paranoia there–tis all truth! That I said I’m now on the watch list? Your quip about calling your mom was funny, but HERE is a link to the memo released by the Government indicating that I could be on the watchlist: http://video1.washingtontimes.com/video/extremismreport.pdf
    No, it doesn’t list me by name, but it does say “It may include groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration.”
    IF you call that paranoia…well, I really don’t know what to say.
    Addressing your #’d points specifically:
    #1. I qoute from you: “The majority of the country puts a black man in the White House with a liberal agenda to help the poor, the needy and the middle class and to remove our country from needless warfare and the sore losers want to turn over the game board, send all the pieces flying and start organizing their own local military.”
    #2. Sorry. I’ve read this from so many different liberal sources I just assumed you were regurgitating. I’ll grant that no one likes to lose. However, opposition to a party, in the minds of most Americans, doesn’t suggest “sore-losers,” it suggests we disagree quite strongly. If this is the case, then I guess liberals have been sore-losers for the last 8 years?
    3. Okay. But I responded it has nothing to do with”just” Obama. He’s simply the head of his party and is crusading a liberal left party. The rhetoric would be the same if Hillary C. had been elected and she were doing the same thing. If you can’t see that it isn’t just Obama conservatives oppose, then go back to reading funny books.
    4. It was about opposition to all the bad decisions being made in Washington–which, in case you didn’t know, has had Republican participation. It wasn’t “just” about taxes. Sure, taxes are PART of it (you never answered where the Trillions of dollars are going to come from to pay for this), but the bailout was probably the single biggest issue that has Conservatives riled. Tax day is a “significant day” on which to express the outrage. I sorry that you didn’t understand this.
    5. Yes, I am very unhappy and angry that our nation is becoming socialist. So sue me. I don’t like socialism of any form. If you want socialism, secede and form your own country–let me keep my capitalistic society, thank you.
    If you don’t believe the government cares what I think about Abortion, you either didn’t read the memo in the link provided above which SPECIFICALLY mentions abortion, or you can’t read. My “radical wind tunnel” is the socialist government now in power–how’s that for irony?
    6. Bite your hand? How? By pointing out the errors of your thinking? If I bit–sorry. But you must remember, when you start calling folks names, and not the teasing kind–which you so indicated “your radical un-American opinions (said in the most ironic and humorous way possible),” folks get upset. Whether they are from NY, MS, CA or MN.
    …now that I’ve answered and addressed YOUR questions specifically, here is mine:
    1. WHY do you care if Texas secedes? What is it to you?

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