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My lousy neighbor

I’m all-fired mad at my neighbor. I don’t necessarily mean the one living immediately next door to me, but even the person across the street is considered my neighbor, right?

Neighbors are supposed to be those folks you depend on…like a second (or third) family. Often, our church family is our second family and then the neighbors are our third family. Granted, often first, second and third families intermix and mingle: families attend the same church and even live nearby—especially in the South—so that puts them in more than one family category…sometimes, though very rarely, in all three categories.

But neighbors are supposed to be the ones you call on to feed your dog when you go on an extended trip, or get your paper and mail (even though the post office will hold for you) so that it doesn’t pile up in the drive and mailbox. They’re the ones who, like recently happened to me, will let you come into their homes at 8 a.m. and call your wife at the office because she locked the door and you were outside working in the yard…and when you went to go back inside discovered that the door was locked and your keys were inside.

They’re the ones who, when a loved one has an emergency that requires an immediate departure, watch the young’uns and sees to it that they catch the school bus or otherwise get to school.

They’re the ones who, when your dog gets out, run all over the neighborhood with you trying to bring it back home.

They’re the ones who, when strangers come near your home, walk over and ask if they can be of any service and gladly take messages.

They’re the ones who bring you treats from their garden because they can’t eat it all. And when they discover that you’re fond of tomatoes, are sure to bring some each time.

But sometimes it’s not all peaches and cream like we expect. The most famous feuding neighbors would have to be the Hatfields and McCoys (I’ve known some from both of those families and can understand why they feud!). Of course, the Hatfields and McCoys fought mostly over land…which is what it seems can be a common problem.

That and noisy barking dogs who constantly bark all through the night next to your bedroom window and on the opposite side of your neighbor’s bedroom window so that they don’t hear it at all.

So now you’re asking…just what in the world has my neighbor done to make me so mad?

He cut his grass.

It’s only March…and he cut his grass.

Now, MY grass looks knee high…which means I’m going to have to cut mine now!



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