Take me out to the ball game

My son, Brett, and I had the chance to take in a college baseball game on Sunday, thanks to the generous tickets from Gus and Will’s Dad! Gus and Will are pals of Brett’s who live a couple of houses over; Gus a few years younger, Will a year or so older.

Even though it was Ole Miss, Brett and I decided we’d go and have a good Father/Son day. He’s getting ready for the little league season and is pretty excited about baseball…that and Ole Miss beat the same team about 20-5 the day before. We thought we’d see a lot of hitting. Though Ole Miss won, 3-2, we didn’t see that much in the way of bats.

But I’m wondering how much an outing of baseball has changed. I used to go with my folks pretty regularly to see the Jackson (MS) Mets. While I don’t remember the price, Dad always seemed to be pleased that the tickets were reasonable. We’d go and enjoy the game, always checking our tickets for the door prizes. We never won anything. However, the very first time BJ went with us—she won a bicycle!

The first thing I noticed was the empty parking lot. Out of about 50 possible places, only about 5 were filled. I asked the attendant if it was reserved and if they’d open it…it was and they wouldn’t. Once inside, I noticed a lot of the same ticket holders weren’t in their seats either. Not that big a deal, really. They don’t buy the tickets to see the Vermonts (Ole Miss’s patsy for the day), but rather to see the Alabamas, Arkansass, Georgias, etc. Still, there should be something that lets them open up the lot if the season ticket holders don’t want them.

We took our seats and settled in right around First base. We sat behind a group of co-eds who talked throughout the game about just about everything but baseball; in front of a man and woman who talked about everything including baseball. Just behind them a man spoke loudly throughout most of the game…I turned to look at him in the 2nd inning to discover he was on his cellphone…sitting alone.

That’s when I noticed quite a few other people sitting alone—all men.

I like baseball quite a bit. I don’t watch professional ball as a rule—not since they were big babies and canceled the world series several years back—but I like the game. Still, I’m not sure I’d go to a game and sit alone. I might…but don’t think so.

I also noticed how many people—men and women—were on cellphones, either talking or texting.

Also noticeably missing was a mascot for the kids. Not sure why that surprised me—I forget that old miss is too “hoity toity” for that sort of thing. One of the things we used to enjoy quite a bit—and we were well passed the “kid” stage—was the mascot at the Jackson Mets games.

Despite all the changes to the stadium and those in it…the game remained the same.

And that was a good thing.



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2 responses to “Take me out to the ball game

  1. Paul House

    We always loved the Mets games. (“Hey beer guy!”). Somehow the Generals and Senators never measured-up. Although, I really hated to see each of them leave. The new Trustmark Field is very nice. If you haven’t been its worth a trip. MSU plays Southern on the 17th and the ’10 day forecast’ shows it to be a beautiful night. Being spring break, it may sell out, we’ll see. My whole family (and then some) will be there.

  2. My husband, the sports editor for the Tupelo newspaper, was there, too. He usually doesn’t cover Ole Miss things himself but since Vermont is phasing out its baseball program after this year and this was one of the team’s last games, he thought it would make a good story. Seems a shame that there wasn’t more interest, but maybe you’re right that Vermont isn’t such a draw. Usually high-profile SEC games are well-attended.

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