Chores and responsibilities

It’s tough to get here regularly with sick kids. Brittany has been fighting a case of Strep Throat and is just now seeing some improvement. We had to do the doctor visit twice with it. In so doing, however, we met an incredibly nice doctor who actually happened to be friends with an artist out of Memphis I worked with while at Malibu/Marvel. Funny how you can discover what a small world it really is.

But I didn’t intend to write about sick kids…instead, wanted to write about chores! Y’know, we try to be good parents and give our kids some responsibilities and chores and such. It’s a constant struggle, though, because we always hear that none of their friends ever have to do anything! Haha. Oddly, now that I think about it, that’s changed a little for Brittany over the last year.

And I try to be understanding, because I remember hating chores as a kid and teenager. Actually, there’s a bunch of chores I still hate today. Shhh, don’t tell—but I’ll end up giving those to my kids! Haha

But seriously, it’s difficult to determine just how much and what sort of chores are too much or too hard for them to do. We try to try to take into consideration the amount of homework they have, how much time they have free, what they’re actually capable of, and their age.

Thus, Brittany, of course, has more chores than Brett. Her constant complaint? “Brett hardly has any chores.” We then remind her that at his age, she probably had less than he does now. They are both responsible for cleaning up their rooms; that seems to be more difficult for Brittany than for Brett. Brittany then has to put up the dishes from the dishwasher (notice I didn’t say she had to wash them, just put them up), fold whites and put them up, feed and water the cat, and clean out the litter box.

Brett has to take the garbage cans out to the road and bring the empty ones back and fold the towels.

For some reason, Brett—in 3rd grade—has a lot of homework, much more than Brittany—in 8th grade—does. He’s always got several sheets to do. He’s beginning to catch on that if he does them, or most of them, while on the bus coming home, he’s got more free time to do what he wants.

BJ and I just feel that having them do chores hopefully helps them realize that it helps Mom and Dad out and the more they can help out, the more time we’ll have to do things like watch Ben 10 or play Yahtzee and Trivial Pursuit Jr. (a favorite of ours) Also, hopefully it helps give them that connection that they’re part of the family and their part of it helps make the family successful.

That’s the idea, anyway.


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